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Published: June 29, 2021

Written by: Barney

  • Berlin International Gaming was crowned as winner at the Gamers Without Borders
  • The team had a difficult battle against FURIA Esports but emerged victoriously 
  • BIG earned $600,000 for the charity of its choice: International Medical Corps

The Gamers Without Borders Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament is over. BIG became champions of the event after their victory against FURIA. 

An Epic Clash Cemented BIG as Champions

After an exciting climactic clash, Berlin International Gaming prevailed against competitors from FURIA Esports and got crowned as champions of Gamers Without Borders’ charity Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament. 

The grand final was held on June 27. The two opposing teams entered a heated battle over the biggest share of the $1,5 million charity prize pool

FURIA Esports managed to win the first game with a 16-14 score. It was played on the Mirage map where Andrei “arT” Piovezan was an undisputed most valuable player. In that match, he put his highly polished skills to use and managed to take down 23 of his opponents. He was taken out himself just 16 times. 

After that loss, BIG knew they had to step up. The team regrouped and continued on to the second map – Inferno. BIG really pushed their limits in the beginning and scored ten victories against only five on FURIA’s side. However, FURIA managed to catch up, pushed overtime, and almost surpassed BIG. BIG had to work hard not to let that happen and finally ended the bout with a 19-16 result. The MVP of that game was Johannes “tabsN” Wodarz, who performed even more impressively than his competitor arT in the previous game – tabs scored the impressive 39 kills and had a mere 21 deaths – almost a 2/1 KD rating. 

Vertigo was the final map where everything would be decided. BIG once again couldn’t quickly finish the set and was forced into overtime by their opponents. The two teams were locked in a clutched stalemate where they traded points continuously. In the end, BIG managed to prevail with a 22-20, and its players became champions of the charity event. 

The Causes the Professional Athletes Chose to Support

Gamers Without Borders was a big charity event that aimed to raise money for the fight against COVID-19 in poorer and developing countries. It operated under the motto “no one left behind.”

Each prize winner could choose an initiative to support where his prize would go – for BIG, this was the International Medical Corps which got the team’s prize share of $600,000.

Here are the causes the eight participating teams chose to support:

  • BIG – International Medical Corps – $600,000
  • FURIA Esports – UNICEF – $300,000
  • ENCE – UNICEF – $150,000
  • mousesports – International Medical Corps – $150,000
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas – Direct Relief – $100,000
  • FaZe Clan – UNICEF – $100,000
  • MIBR – UNICEF – $50,000
  • Dignitas – Gavi – $50,000

It is great to see professional esports players play for such an important cause. Previously a smaller charity stream was held to support Direct Relief’s efforts. 

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