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Published: October 24, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • BIG’s Counter-Strike 2 players will be included in the digital trading platform
  • Fans will be able to buy and sell shares of said players
  • Johannes “tabseN” Wodarz is the first player to be added

ENDX is an online trading platform that allows fans to purchase and sell stock of esports players, and German organization BIG has recently entered a strategic partnership with it.

BIG And ENDX Sign a Deal

As esports organizations grow, they become full-fledged franchises which often leads to them needing to partner up with different companies that provide the relevant services. This is why BIG (Berlin International Gaming) has recently signed a contract with the digital esports trading platform eNDX.

Established in 2019, ENDX is an esports player-focused virtual trading platform that allows fans to trade shares of their favorite professional players. “YOU the fan can build a portfolio of players that YOU believe are worth investing in. eNDX is a genuine market in which YOU the trader determine the price value. eNDX operates on the same transparent rules as major global stock exchanges,” the platform’s mission statement reads.

There is currently not much information surrounding the deal with BIG, but it seems that eNDX will incorporate the German organization’s players in its portfolio. This will allow fans to buy and sell shares of the player, which causes its initial value to rise and fall. Customers will initially be able to pre-order player stock for BIG’s Johannes “tabseN” Wodarz while the org’s other players from its CS2 roster will likely be added at a later date.

ENDX currently only includes professional Counter-Strike 2 players. The platform has already established partnerships with the likes of 00Nation, Cloud9, Endpoint Esports, and GamerLegion. The deal with BIG is considered a significant step forward in broadening eNDX’s portfolio.

“This is an excellent opportunity both for us and BIG,” commented co-founder of eNDX Miles Lampson, explaining that he hopes the organization’s dedicated fanbase will be thrilled to be able to see their favorite players on the platform. “Bringing BIG on board will not only expand our reach but also provide a substantial opportunity for the German organization to further connect with its fans. We are looking forward to working with BIG and making the best of this partnership,” Lampson further said.

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