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Published: February 23, 2021

Written by: Barney

  • Betway consolidates its presence in Brazil through its dedicated “Betway Squad,” reuniting local esports talent
  • The esports team brings together content creators, streamers and popular esports personalities
  • Betway’s focus is exclusively on creating meaningful connections with the local esports scene

The “Betway Squad” arrives in Brazil to increase the betting firm’s presence in one of the world’s emerging esports markets.

Betway to Bring More Exclusive Content to Brazil

Betway is seeking deeper ties with Brazil, one of the most populous esports markets, through a new sponsorship of local esports personalities. Five people are coming together to rally under the banner of the “Betway Squad,” a new team comprised of famous esports individuals in the country.

Streamers André Eidi ‘esA‘ Yanagimachi Pavez, Bruno ‘Axt‘ Habitzreuter and Sérvulo ‘Sheviii2k‘ Júnior are joining Daniels Marcon, a content creator, and Gustavo ‘Baiano‘ Gomes and will participate in various initiatives strategized by Betway with a particular community focus.

While Betway has outlined no immediate competitive ambitions for its team, Brazil plays an important part for the esports betting firm. Betway already sponsors MIBR, one of the country’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive powerhouses, with which it renewed its partnership for yet another year.

The company will specifically seek to promote its standing in the country by engaging with local personalities and communities through the brand’s ambassadors for Brazil. There will be various content opportunities aired on Betway TV via Twitch, along with special parties and different games coverage.

Deepening Its Presence in Brazil

Betway Marketing & Operations Director Paul Adkins said he was thrilled to have the opportunity to bring the Betway Squad to Brazil where the company has been able to become one of the most trusted names in the country’s rapidly-growing esports industry.

“We are excited to see the content they produce,” said Adkins. Esports betting is not legalized in Brazil and Betway’s focus remains solely on genuine esports coverage. Brand awareness has been precious to Betway, nevertheless.

Betway has known where to invest and position itself, renewing its BLAST partnership for 2021, an organization that specializes in CS:GO tournaments globally and that recently added Dota 2 as another category.

Awareness has been a key strategy for many esports betting firms. Pinnacle is hosting The Pinnacle Cup which will debut March 3 and run through the first weekend of April. Content is becoming increasingly important for esports-focused betting companies, with Luckbox tapping veteran Nevzat Ucar as the company’s new Head of Content.

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