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Published: July 13, 2021

Written by: Barney

  • Betway is helping MIBR find the next talented player for the team’s academy
  • The “Feitos no Braisl” by Betway is a competitive event that has already started and is designed to shortlist the most skilled players
  • MIBR will rely on two experienced coaches who will be able to shortlist candidates and choose the single winner

Esports are returning to their grassroots nature, with MIBR and Betway looking to add more talent to the esports team’s academy.

MIBR Wants to Bring Aspiring Esports Pros into the Fold 

Betway is deepening its ties in the Brazilian esports industry as the gambling operator is helping Immortals Gaming Club’s competitive outfit, MIBR, find new talent to join the Counter-Strike academy. 

The initiative, which already launched on July 7, will continue until August 8 and reunite players who want to become a part of MIBR’s CS:GO Academy and then progress to a full-time member of the team if they can muster the qualities and track record.

There is one catch – only one spot is available at the Academy presently, making the competition more cut-throat than ever. The “Feitos no Brasil” campaign is brought through the collaborative efforts of both the gaming company and the betting giant, with Gamers Club, the IGC-owned gaming platform, serving as testing grounds.

Individuals who are 13 or older may try to qualify for the Academy in a competition that will stretch several more weeks of play. Decisions about who makes it to the top will lie mostly with Renato “nak” Nakano, MIBR’s head coach, who will be keeping his eyes sharp for a potential talent as well as stream much of the event on his Twitch channel. 

The top 20 candidates will receive a special Gamers Club badge, which is distributed by the hosting platform, and then in the last two weeks of play, all remaining players will be split into four teams of five, competing in what will be a true tournament series.

Nakano, together with newly-appointed Academy coach Henrique “rikz” Waku, will keep their eyes peeled in a bid to pick the most deserving players and give them a chance to achieve recognition on the global esports scene.

Brazil Shaping Up as Important Market for 

Commenting on this development, Betway Head of Esports Adam Savinson said that Brazil is an integral part of the global CS:GO community, offering a tremendous opportunity for new arrivals. Betway is fully behind the initiative and looking to pick “the next big start” with Feitos no Brasil, Savinson concluded.  

MIBR director Yuri “Fly” Uchiyama also paid compliments to Feitos no Brasil by Betway as an opportunity for aspiring esports players to get hands-on experience and a real opportunity to make it into the ranks of one of the most significant esports powerhouses. 

Esports academies are picking up a lot of steam. They were originally introduced by some of the biggest competitors in League of Legends and Overwatch and are now moving to take a bigger significance in the industry. WePlay Esports is inviting esports fans to take part in the company’s new Academy League

Meanwhile, Betway continues to support the development of Brazilian esports. The betting operator has been a partner to MIBR since 2018 and has renewed, extended, or improved upon this partnership on several occasions already. 

Earlier this year, Betway expanded its partnership to include MIBR’s female Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team. 

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