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Published: December 8, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The team defeated C9 2-0 on Ancient and Nuke
  • Although the first map was relatively close, BB wiped the floor with C9 on the second
  • Danistzz and zorte were crucial for BetBoom’s success

Nafany got one over on his old team as he and company defeated Cloud9 to prove themselves at the BetBoom Dacha tournament.

BB Defeat C9

BetBoom Dacha is currently underway and teams are getting knocked out left and right of the $300,000 tournament. One of the unlucky organizations for whom the event is over is Cloud9 after the team got eliminated 2-0 by BetBoom. To make things more interesting, BetBoom was led by Vladislav “⁠nafany⁠” Gorshkov who made his name while playing for C9 before and with whom he had a somewhat bitter divorce.

The match started on Ancient where both teams quickly locked in a very close first half. Cloud9, who were playing T-side, needed a time out, which was enough for them to take a breather and keep the pressure on to end the first half with the scoreboard reading an equal 6-6.

Unfortunately for them, when the sides switched, things started going down for C9. BetBoom showcased a good ability to win rounds with suboptimal buys with Danil ‘danistzz’ Roslyakov and Aleksandr “⁠zorte⁠” Zagodyrenko being crucial for the team’s success. Each round won was accompanied by nafani’s jubilant screams, for whom this match meant something big. With this, the map ended with a relatively close 13-10 victory for BB.

However, the next map, Nuke, was anything but similar as nafani’s side completely wiped the floor with C9. BetBoom battered their opponents badly on the T side and it seemed like only Denis “⁠electroNic⁠” Sharipov from C9 made any sort of pushback. This was far less than enough as BB quickly wrapped up the map with a dominating 13-5.

What Did the Match Mean for Nafani?

The Russian squad leader is a former C9 player so his going up against the team today was quite important. He had previously been removed from the team, a fact he was not very pleased with, so his victory against C9 today was somewhat like a way for him to clear a grudge.

It was also a way for nafany to show how he has grown as a professional Counter-Strike player. “Actually, after Cloud9 kicked me, I thought a lot about how captains have to be leaders. In Gambit or Cloud9 I wasn’t a leader at all, I was only the in-game leader. As a leader and a captain I respect cadiaN a lot and I was thinking a lot about that, and decided I needed to be more spicy,” he explained in an interview for HLTV.

It was certainly an emotional match for nafany and company and a growth experience, which resulted in an elimination for Cloud9, while BetBoom progressed to a semi-final matchup with

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