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Published: July 8, 2021

Written by: Barney

  • Esports organization Case Esports has just put its entire Counter-Strike roster on the bench
  • This comes after the players failed to achieve substantial results
  • The organization will now look for other players

In a pretty drastic solution, after failing to achieve impressive results, Case Esports decided to bench its entire CS:GO roster and go on the lookout for more players. 

The Entire Case Roster Finds Itself on the Bench

Case Esports is a Madrid-based Spanish esports organization owned by Real Madrid’s football player Carlos Henrique Casimiro. As a possession of a player of such a highly esteemed football team, Case Esports hopes to live up to the same standards and shine on the esports scene. However, this has been failing until now, leading Case to jump to some drastic solutions, like benching its entire team. 

The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster has found itself sitting on the bench just a bit before the RTP Arena Cup 2021. The reason for that is the team’s underperformance. 

Instead, Case will go on the lookout for other players and will aim to assemble a strong lineup for the RTP Arena Cup as it will serve as a gateway to the BLAST Premier event in the fall. 

Case Esports’ Unfortunate Players

Case Esports was assembled in October last year and is comprised entirely of Brazilian players who came to Madrid to play in the Spanish CS:GO ecosystem. Despite the big expectations and coach Fernando “goblaNz” Peramo’s guidance, the team didn’t manage to score any significant wins and struggled against the local teams. 

The team was comprised of the following members:

  • Denis “dzt” Fischer
  • Felipe “delboNi” Delboni
  • Paulo “land1n” Felipe
  • Vinicius “?n1ssim?” Pereira
  • Yan “yepz” Pedretti

Case Esports is yet to announce who will be stepping in the aforementioned players’ shoes. There are various possibilities, but it will depend on several things, like whether Case Esports wants to hire a sign new Brazilian roster or look elsewhere and whether it is planning on signing a whole pre-established set of players or assemble its own lineup. 

In any case, Case Esports will likely make a decision and follow it with an announcement in the next few weeks. Fans of the Spanish esports team and its patron football star can stay tuned and see how Case will proceed on its goal to live up to the expectations. 

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