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Published: March 30, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The 31-year-old coach has previously not had much experience in such a position
  • Despite that, head coach Devilwalk thinks kRYSTAL has great potential with the team
  • kRYSTAL revealed he had already been assisting the Kosovar team for the past weeks

Kevin “?kRYSTAL?” Amend will be linked with Bad News Eagles for the duration of the Paris Major cycle as their new assistant coach.

BNE Acquires kRYSTAL

Kosovar esports organization Bad News Eagles have announced they have signed Kevin “?kRYSTAL?” Amend as their new assistant coach. Known mostly for his decade-long career playing for teams like GODSENT, ALTERNATE aTTaX, and Sprout, the 29-year-old brings a ton of experience to the relatively young Kosovar CS:GO team.

Despite his long career as a competitive player, Amend does not have much practical experience in teaching CS:GO. All of his time as a coach comes from his two-month stint with Niels Christian “?NaToSaphiX?” Sillassen’s undefined roster, whom he joined as the head coach after retiring from competitive play in December. Unfortunately, the European roster did not manage to achieve much under Amend’s guidance, the team placing 9-16th in the CCT South Europe Series 3.

Bad News Eagles have been busy acquiring various talents to help them in their efforts to the top. Since the start of 2023, the Kosovar team added Jonatan “?Devilwalk?” Lundberg to their ranks as the team’s skipper back in January. The 31-year-old coach has stated that “there’s massive potential for improvement,” in the team and that the staff and players believe in what they are doing.

Amend’s relation to Bad News Eagles is not out of the blue. On his Twitter profile, the coach explained he had already been assisting the Kosovar-majority roster for the past three weeks. Now the coach hopes to get the team in Major-contending form in time for their RMR A opening matchup versus 1WIN on April 6.

The Kosovar team should have decent chances in the upcoming tournament if we look at their previous performances. BNE previously made it to the IEM Rio and PGL Antwerp Majors. This is even more impressive considering the roster did so without the backing of an organization, becoming the first team to do so since dAT at ESL One Cologne 2014.

Bad News Eagles’ player base and coaching staff now look like this:

  • Genc “?gxx-?” Kolgeci
  • Flatron “?juanflatroo?” Halimi
  • Rigon “?rigoN?” Gashi
  • Sener “?SENER1?” Mahmuti
  • Dionis “?sinnopsyy?” Budeci
  • Jonatan “?Devilwalk?” Lundberg (coach)
  • Kieran “?KayJay?” Playfair (assistant coach)

Kevin “?kRYSTAL?” Amend (assistant coach)

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