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Published: January 29, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Astralis had a bumpy ride throughout the tournament after beginning it with a win
  • BIG climbed up from a bad start at the event and put up a strong fight against Astralis
  • The final game between Astralis and BIG saw two maps go to overtime

Astralis struggled against BIG in the final match of the tournament but eventually secured a berth in the BLAST Premier Spring Final.

Astralis Defeat BIG

BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2024 have concluded and the best teams have secured the much-coveted spots in upcoming events. One of the lucky organizations is Astralis who fought a tough battle against BIG for the honor of winning a berth for the BLAST Premier Spring Final, which will be held in June.

Astralis had an interesting run through the Spring Groups, having found success against Falcons and Vitality in its early stages, only to drop a match against the latter team in the group final rematch. It became apparent that Astralis still have work to do if they are to fulfill the considerable potential the current lineup possesses, even if they did get the job done in the end. Despite that, the team secured a spot at the BLAST Spring Finals and placed themselves alongside the likes of who also won a berth for the event a couple of days ago after defeating Cloud9.

Meanwhile, BIG’s run through the Spring Groups was perhaps bumpier than that of their opponents, at least in the beginning. The team suffered an early defeat at the hands of the aforementioned However, they slowly regained their footing in the event after winning a close match against Heroic, before following that up with a solid showing against Cloud9.

Despite climbing boldly throughout the event, however, BIG were unable to win against Astralis in the end. Considering the German organization failed to make headway in the PGL Major Copenhagen circuit, qualification for the BLAST Premier Spring Final was paramount. This means that the loss against Astralis will be particularly painful for BIG.

Here’s How the Match Went

Although they eventually lost, BIG made the game quite difficult for their opponents. Astralis started Vertigo with a solid lead but BIG’s Karim “⁠Krimbo⁠” Moussa and Elias “⁠s1n⁠” Stein eventually put an end to this. The young duo carried their team round after round, out-fragging a flabbergasted Astralis. The map eventually went into overtime where BIG continued to maintain the pressure, resulting in the squad taking the map with a 16-12.

However, it was Astralis’ turn to pick a map now and they chose Overpass, which was quite a good move from them as they took the first half with a big 9-3 advantage. After the sides switched, BIG mounted some successful counterattacks, but Nicolai “⁠device⁠” Reedtz came to Astralis’ rescue which resulted in the Danish team taking the map with a stable 13-9 lead.

The decider, Ancient, saw what was likely the most intense gameplay during the match as both teams traded rounds. Krimbo once again performed spectacularly, putting BIG on their way to a sizable lead. However, Astralis’ stavn brought back things close thanks to a massive hold on B. The sides changed and both teams continued trading rounds, which eventually forced yet another overtime. At one point, the score read 14-14 and it was anyone’s game. However, Astralis managed to inch forward just a bit in the last two rounds, landing them a  spot at the BLAST Premier Spring Final.

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