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Published: February 2, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • It was a tough battle for Apeks as the match went the full three maps with little difference between them
  • FURIA went on a spectacular 11-round streak on the second map
  • Apeks bounced back on the last map, despite FURIA’s strong resistance in the second half

FURIA have been eliminated from IEM Katowice’s Play-Ins while Apeks will fight BIG for a qualification for the Group Stage of the main event.

Apeks Eliminates FURIA

IEM Katowice 2024’s Play-in stage is slowly coming to an end, with the tournament already producing the four qualified teams that will proceed onto the group stage However, other teams are still duking it out for that honor in the event’s lower bracket, with Apeks being one of them.

The mixed European team is now one step closer to that goal after they defeated Brazilian squad FURIA 2-1, denying them the opportunity to advance to the group stage of an ESL Championship-tier event. This marks the third time the Brazilian side failed to do so after suffering losses to TheMongolz in the Play-in stages of IEM Cologne and IEM Katowice 2023. Despite that, the FURIA congratulated Apeks on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Apeks continues forward in the event and is set to clash against BIG later today, with the winner of the match securing a berth in the Group Stage of the main tournament. Apeks’ victory over FURIA makes up for the former’s embarrassing 0-13 loss to Spirit on the first day of the event. However, the European side’s match against FURIA was everything else but a walk in the park, so the squad will need more composure when they go up against BIG.

Here’s How the Game Went

Speaking of the match, it started with a dominating side from Apeks on Inferno, the map seeing a massive 10-2 lead by the end of the first half. However, FURIA woke up once the sides switched and started making a comeback, eventually scoring six more rounds. Unfortunately for them, this was too little too late, as Apeks needed just a few more victories to wrap up the map 13-9.

The European squad kept that momentum going into Mirage, with Tim “⁠nawwk⁠” Jonasson having a flawless half as he mustered a 15-0 K-D to put his team ahead, once again with a huge lead of 10-2. When the sides switched, FURIA again showed the ability to recover from a dire situation and this time they actually succeeded in flipping the tables altogether. The Brazilian squad went on a phenomenal 11-round streak to edge out a win on their map pick.

Things were going to come to an end on Ancient with FURIA maintaining their momentum from the previous map and strung together a few rounds. However, STYKO, who was recently re-signed by Apeks, exploited Red Room, both to cut off FURIA’s rotations and often to also get in their back lines.

Before the sides switched, the player’s antics allowed his team to, for a third time, get a huge advantage with the scoreboard reading 9-3. We’ve already seen this as FURIA fought back to diminish the difference and did this so well that they almost forced overtime. However, when it mattered the most, the Brazilian squad found themselves in a 2v4 situation, which quickly devolved as Apeks eliminated the last players, getting Ancient with a 13-11 result to close out the match and eliminate FURIA from the event.

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