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Published: February 28, 2023

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Anonymo disbanded after failing to qualify for the BLAST Paris Major Europe RMR
  • Players also mentioned stress and the departure of staff as reasons for the disbanding
  • It’s unknown whom the organization will sign now

Following a terrible start to their competitive run this year, players of the Polish CS:GO organization Anonymo decided to part ways.

Players Leave Anonymo

It’s a rare occurrence for esports organizations to part with their entire rosters at once, especially during the active competitive season. However, this is what happened to Anonymo Esports whose players recently went their separate ways, the organization revealed on Monday. 

“We would like to inform you that our CS:GO team has decided to end playing together in Anonymo, the organization’s announcement reads. “Thus, each player can look for new options, and we will keep our fingers crossed for the next steps in their careers. Gentlemen, thank you for writing a story full of emotions.”

This puts an end to over one year of competitive play for the Polish core. Meanwhile, Pawel “?innocent?” Mocek had by far the longest tenure under the organization’s banner at a little over two years, joining Anonymo when it was formed in early 2021. During this time, the organization attended multiple online tournaments and attended three notable offline events. In 2021, Anonymo took a title victory at Gdansk Games and just narrowly missed out on qualifying for PGL Major Antwerp through the Europe RMR.

Why Did the Team Disband?

The main reason why the team disbanded was its failure to qualify for the BLAST Paris Major Europe RMR. “I will be leaving AnonymoEsports as we decided to not continue playing together after not qualifying for RMR,” reads a tweet by Lukasz “?mwlky?” Pachucki. “I gained a lot of experience during that time, and I’m ready to make another step forward.”

Another reason for the disbanding, stated by players, is the need to take a break from competitive play. “I really need some time to cool off, this period of time really drained a lot of my mental health, but with correct opportunity I will just shake it off and get back to the server,” wrote Pawel “?innocent?” Mocek in a Twitlonger. Despite that, the player wrote that he is open to a lot of other opportunities.It seems the organization itself was also in a difficult time as a whole. There was coaching staff that departed, as well as other factors that influenced the players’ decision to leave, explained Grzegorz “?SZPERO?” Dziamalek in his Twitlonger. “The only thing I can write is that despite not the best results – playing with the boys gave me fun, which I didn’t experience recently. I could fully trust them all and they are just super homies,” he concluded.

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