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Published: January 19, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The players plan to stick together for the time being
  • They want to find a new organization to play under
  • Anonymo said it would help them find a new home

After failing to qualify for the upcoming Copenhagen Major, Anonymo decided to part ways with its entire CS2 roster.

Anonymo Release Entire Roster

Although players are often shifted about between esports organizations, it’s not often we see an entire roster being let go at a time. However, this is what has recently happened to Polish organization Anonymo’s Cоunter-Strike 2 lineup, as it announced it is releasing all of its members, including the coach.

This comes after the team filed to advance to the Copenhagen Major. Anoymo recently participated in the PGL Major Copenhagen 2024: European Open Qualifier #2, but finished in the 5-8th position, losing the chance to compete at the main event. Given this turn of events, the organization stated it can no longer support the players and has decided to release them so they can search for new opportunities.

However, the organization explained that it would still try and help the players find a new team quickly. “Together, we will try to ensure that this team finds a new home with the unchanged composition,” a translation of the post reads. “Gentlemen, thank you very much for all the emotions and we keep our fingers crossed for your future!”

What Happens Next?

Of course, the players themselves had some words to say about the situation. According to the team’s captain, Dawid “⁠lunAtic⁠” Cieślak, the lineup plans to stay together for the time being while looking for a new team. In a Twitter post, the 30-year-old player thanked Anonymo for the time spent together and expressed his teammates’ desire to keep playing.

Vincent “⁠vinS⁠” Jozefiak, the lineup’s coach, had quite a lot to say about the situation. In a lengthy post, he described how he and the team first started playing under Anonymo’s banner and how things gradually developed from there. He explained how the team had the goal of qualifying for a major, although that, unfortunately, did not come to being.

Despite that, he reaffirmed lunAtic’s statement that the lineup will keep playing together, saying this is because the lot has grown close over the months. “Something that is amazing to many, for us was an everyday experience – we were still a pack of friends,” vinS’ statement reads.

“Everyone believed in each other’s abilities. Many guys from our 6-man roster turned down, in theory, the offers that were “better” in terms of cash or even in terms of prestige, in order to continue building this project. We are close to each other, we work and do everything to become better players and we would still like to fight for our dreams together.”

VinS also noted the importance of the security an organization provides, reaffirming that the lineup is looking got be signed as a unit. Their ranks look like this:

  • Dawid “⁠lunAtic⁠” Cieślak
  • Kamil “⁠reiko⁠” Cegiełko
  • Kamil “⁠Sobol⁠” Sobolewski
  • Dawid “⁠SaMey⁠” Stańczak
  • Karol “⁠virtuoso⁠” Wrześniewski
  • Vincent “⁠vinS⁠” Jozefiak (coach)
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