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Published: May 1, 2023

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • The Polish team bested Sprout’s mixed European roster, posting a 2-1 victory
  • 9INE dominated their opponents on two of the three maps played
  • They score an impressive 26-3 record on Vertigo in the past three months

Recovering from their first failed attempt to secure a spot at Brazy Party’s playoffs, 9INE defeated Sprout and continue forward in the CS:GO tournament.

9INE Defeat Sprout

We are almost to the end of Brazy Party, the $330,000 online CS:GO tournament, that sees 16 teams from all around d the world compete for the grand prize. The squads that will participate in the playoffs have been decided with Polish organization 9INE securing the final spot after defeating Sprout 2-1 in the Group D decider match. 

This is an even greater turn of events for the Poles, considering they were not able to make it to the playoffs in the previous opportunity, as they let Cloud9 slip past them in the earlier matches of Group D. It seems that 9INE’s match against the mixed European combine of Sprout was easier, however, as the Poles dominated their opponents on two maps, despite losing the first one. 

The match started on Ancient, a map that 9INE does not like at all, considering they have lost their last eleven games in a row on it. This time was no different, as Sprout defeated the Poles in a drawn-out confrontation that saw both teams traded rounds until the European roster eventually closed out the map 16-13. 

However, the narrow victory seems to have gone to Sprout’s heads, as they seem to have severely underestimated their Polish adversaries, who managed to win the next map, Vertigo, with a more than convincing domination. This should not be too surprising as Olek “⁠hades⁠” Miskiewicz and his men have been performing exceptionally well on the map, winning their last 15 Vertigo showings, boasting a 26-3 record on the map in the past three months. This showed as the team quickly gained a massive advantage over their adversaries, posting a 13-2 lead, before Sprout woke up and finally took some rounds. However, this was far too little, far too late, to prevent 9INE from taking Vertigo with a score of 16-6.

Anubis, the third and final map, was not much different, with the Polish side dominating Sprout. Although the latter performed slightly better in the first half, they could not overturn 9INE’s lead, who once again overwhelmed Sprout, to end the map with a score of 16-7. 

9INE now head to Brazy Party’s playoffs, where they will face Into The Breach to decide which of the two teams continues on to the event’s semifinals. 

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