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Published: December 20, 2021

Written by: David Kent

  • The Witcher TV series’ second season just came out
  • Some fans have celebrated the release of the season with amazing cosplays
  • One female cosplayer made a fantastic rendition of Ciri

The second season of The Witcher is now live on Netflix, and a cosplayer by the name of Michaela Lee decided to celebrate the occasion by bringing Ciri to life with her amazing costume.

Fans Celebrate the Airing of the Witcher’s Second Season

Building on the eponymous video games, who in turn were inspired by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski, The Witcher TV series debuted in 2019 on Netflix. The show’s popularity earned it a second season, and after much delays throughout 2020, the season debuted on December 17, 2021.

Naturally, with all this waiting, fans are extremely excited to see Gerald’s new adventures. To celebrate the release of the season, cosplayers have decided to recreate iconic characters from the series in real life. One of them is Michaela Lee, and her amazing rendition of Ciri absolutely stunned Witcher fans.

Amazing Witcher Cosplays

There are many cosplayers, each with different skills and often times best suited for any specific character. It seems Michaela is a perfect fit for Ciri. Not only does the clothing fit her figure very well, but Michaela has put quite some effort into her makeup as well.

The silver hair stands out a lot, as it is the hallmark of witcher characters in the TV series’ universe. The cosplayer has also did not forget Ciri’s trademark scar on the left cheek, the same side as her adoptive father Gerald, a symbol of the many battles with monsters and brigands they’ve had.

Michaela also paid close attention to Ciri’s attire and accessories. The belt is detailed and shiny, just like the one the video-game heroine sports. The Gloves, straps, and belts sit just right in the right places. Of course, what witcher goes into the wild without their trusted sidearm? Michaela hasn’t forgotten about Ciri’s sword and its distinctly shaped guard.

Lastly, one has to think about the background when making a good cosplay photoshoot. Michaela’s photographer took her photos in a pine forest, that looks somber and eerie, like it’s some scene taken straight from the TV show or video games.

Fans of the TV show rejoice as the new season is airing. Many, like Michaela, have expressed their love for it by cosplaying. Others have done the same as her, like Twitch streamer Saira, who made a terrific rendition of Yennefer last month.

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