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Published: May 25, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • NaVi will not be able to attend the event due to visa issues
  • BLAST ruled that the runners-up from the Last Chance qualifier would replace them
  • This turns out to be Complexity, who will have a chance to prove themselves

A stroke of misfortune for NaVi was a lucky coincidence for Complexity, who were invited to participate in the upcoming BLAST Spring Finals in place of the Ukrainian team.

Complexity Replace NaVi

International esports competitions can be a pain when it comes to logistics and paperwork and CS:GO events are no exception to that. The BLAST Spring Final is also suffering from some of these issues, which have resulted in the inability of the Ukrainian-majority team Natus Vincere to participate in the event. Because of this, BLAST organizers have invited Complexity to participate in their place. 

NaVi will not be able to attend the event because several members of the team have issues getting visas for the event, which will be held in Washington D.C. on June 7-11. This has resulted in Complexity being called up as the replacement team, with the spot going to them thanks to rule of the BLAST Premier rulebook.

The rule regarding team replacement states “In the case of a team not being able to field an eligible roster a replacement team will be invited”. Complexity is invited because they were the runner-up from the Last Chance portion of the Groups, which is the condition allowing them to play at NaVi’s spot.

This is obviously great news for Complexity, who will make the journey to the event in the United States capital just a week after they participate in the IEM Dallas. Speaking of that event, it also saw a similar situation, necessitating a team replacement as Fnatic will play in place of Virtus.Pro, as the latter squad also has visa issues. 

But back to Complexity, the two back-to-back tournaments will be an opportunity for the North American squad to put up some much-needed better results in the server. Complexity recently participated in the BLAST Premier Paris Major, but dropped out quite early in the Challengers stage, finishing at 12-14th place.

BLAST Premier Spring Final will run from June 7 to 11 and will feature a $425 000 prize pool, with the champion also earning a spot at the end-of-year BLAST Premier World Final. Complexity now has a chance to win this, but they will face stiff competition in the face of seven other teams, five of whom reside in the top 10. This includes Vitality, who recently won the BLAST Paris Major, as well as FaZe, Heroic, and other top-level squads. 

Complexity were fortunate to get into the event in such an unexpected manner, but time will tell if their luck will continue once the Washington event starts.

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