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Published: June 1, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • CoD players discussed the utility of Modern Warfare II’s Gunsmithing feature
  • Some said they want to see a simpler customization system, reminiscent of the original game
  • Others complained the feature is inconvenient to use as it shows no stat changes to the guns

Gunsmithing adds a multitude of ways to customize weapons in MWII, but many fans think that the feature is pointless and a departure from the original title.

Fans Dislike the Gunsmithing Feature

Modern Warfare II has become one of the most popular titles of the venerable franchise, but that doesn’t mean all players like it equally. There are features that some fans think don’t add much to the game or are downright unwanted in this or future iterations of the franchise.

One of these seems to be the Gunsmith feature, which was a big overhaul of the original game’s customization system. The MWII version provides a much more in-depth way to tinker with various weapons and their attachments, which is also the crux of the matter for some players.

A fan recently made a post on Reddit complaining that the game has too many customization options for its own good. They argue that the Gunsmith feature simply inundates the game with pointless gimmicky items, saying that the simpler system of the original MW2 game was better.

“I don’t want 50 optics or however many it is, I just want reflex, holo, red dot, or ACOG,” the post reads. “I don’t want a dozen slightly suppressors, I just want a suppressor. I don’t want three or four mags with different pros and cons, I just want an extended mag or fast mags.” 

Many CoD fans seem to agree with the original poster, joking about the large number of new items MWII features. Some argued that the older system was better because one item would suffice to do a certain job. “I want a single attachment to do a whole job, instead of having to combine a million watered-down pieces for the same effect,” one comment reads.

A response to that read that the current system also doesn’t show specific numbers of how much a gun’s stats are increased, making it harder for players to estimate what attachments to use. “To add to this, there’s also no value of how much an attachment increases or decreases the gun’s stats. All we have is green/red bars,” the comment reads. “I sometimes have to put my face in my monitor just to see if one attachment increases damage more than another, for example.”

Considering MWII is supposed to just be a revamping of the original Modern Warfare 2, perhaps many fans play it expecting to see the same features of the older game. That being said, a lot of newer fans of the franchise probably like the MWII’s Gunsmithing, so the question if it has a place in this game or future titles remains open.

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