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Published: June 1, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • FaZe eliminated Cloud9, the previous Dallas champions, on their way to the quarterfinals
  • Astralis and MOUZ will face off at the playoffs on Friday 
  • Heroic already has a spot in the semifinals after obliterating G2 on Inferno and Ancient

The IEM Dallas Playoffs bracket is set as Cloud9 are denied the opportunity to defend their title while Heroic have already secured a spot in the semifinals.

Here Are the Important Updates

IEM Dallas 2023 is progressing fast with the six teams that are going to participate in the event’s playoffs already being determined. Unfortunately for the winners of the last IEM Dallas event, Cloud9, they will be unable to defend their title as they suffered a 1-2 defeat at the hands of FaZe Clan.

Astralis and MOUZ are two other teams that continue forward alongside FaZe. The two former teams will go head-to-head on Friday in the first quarter-finals of the event. The Danish team had a chance to begin their playoff campaign from the semi-finals, but a narrow 1-2 defeat from ENCE in the Group B upper bracket final forced Astralis to start the single-elimination stage from the quarter-finals instead.

Meanwhile, MOUZ are slowly regaining their reputation after suffering a humiliating elimination by GamerLegion from the BLAST Paris Major earlier in May. The relative underdogs not only eliminated MOUZ from the last CS:GO Major, but did so in a spectacular fashion, ending the match with a 2-0, having mopped the floor with MOUZ on Overpass, which ended in a 16-5 for G?merLegion.

However, Heroic is ahead of all of these teams, having already secured a berth at the IEM Dallas’ semi-finals after defeating G2 in a super one-sided match. In doing so, they broke G2’s three-month-long win streak on Inferno, defeating the mixed European team with a comfortable lead of 16-9.

Things went from bad to worse for Rasmus “?HooXi?” Nielsen and company after the map switched to Ancient. Perhaps G2 were too flabbergasted from their defeat on Inferno because they seemed like they weren’t even there, as Heroic obliterated them and quickly wrapped up the map 16-4.

G2’s lack of shape did not go unnoticed by their opponents, who had played against them in Katowice. “I think we played a super good game, but G2 seemed a little bit off,” said cadiaN in a post-match interview. “We played them in Katowice and that was a different beast. I think G2 didn’t play up to what they’re capable of.”

As it stands currently, the IEM Dallas will continue on Friday with a match between Astralis and MOUZ. The winner of that match will continue to face Heroic in the first semi-finals on Saturday. But before that, G2 and FaZe will determine who will face ENCE on the other side of the semi-finals.

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