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Published: April 12, 2021

Written by: Kyamil Nasuf

  • Jarod Ericksen is the new esports coach at Cleary 
  • He tried several careers before, but his love for gaming prevailed
  • Ericksen is currently assembling a team of 15 to compete in the collegiate leagues in the United States

Jarod Ericksen’s love for gaming and led him to be Cleary University’s new esports coach. He is now looking for people to assemble a competitive team. 

How Ericksen’s Love for Gaming Turned Him into a Coach

Jarod Ericksen got the position of an esports coach at Cleary University, Michigan, this February. A true gaming enthusiast to the core, Ericksen tried out several different careers but ultimately gave in to his true passion – esports. He will be now leading Cleary’s esports team to victory in the USA’s collegiate leagues. 

Before settling down as an esports coach, Ericksen tried a little bit of everything. He clearly had a knack for teaching, so he tried being a soccer coach and a piano teacher. He also tried working at a barbershop. But none of those was it. Ericksen wanted something to be truly passionate about. And that was gaming. 

Ericksen ranked among the top percent of MOBA players in Riot Games’ League of Legends and Activision Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm. He considered becoming a professional esports gamer but, in the end, preferred becoming a coach. Ericksen started as a private tutor and later established his own coaching company. After a while, he started working as a coach in a junior college in Illinois. Before he knew it, he was admitted into Cleary University in Michigan as their new esports coach. In March, he officially moved there.

The Cleary University Cougars Are Recruiting

Cleary is a member of the National Association of Collegiate Esports, so Ericksen will be teaching teams that will represent the university on a national level. Therefore the new coach is currently looking to establish a stable and promising team. Ericksen believes that since a lot of students are enthusiastic about video games, some will be delighted at the opportunity to turn their hobby into something more. 

The university’s team will be participating in League of LegendsRocket LeagueHearthstone, and Overwatch events. Ericksen said that everyone is welcome, regardless of age and gender, as long as they are undergraduate students. However, it is preferable to have at least some experience in their preferred game. Moreover, enthusiasts will be asked to be regular in attending gaming practices and physical workouts. 

The coach envisions providing more knowledge to the team. He believes that a grasp of sports management and marketing can be indispensable for making it the industry. 

Cleary’s team will soon have a new hub that is currently being built. It will have 24 computers and several TV screens for watching competitions. 

Those enthusiastic about becoming a part of the Cleary University Cougars team can apply on the university’s site.

It’s nice to see young and ambitious people join the world of esports despite the risks a career change entitles. Earlier this year, Paul Capoccia risked everything and fulfilled his dream to become the current Director of esports at Marywood University.

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