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Published: May 15, 2021

Written by: Edward Pearcey

  • Chet “Chet” Singh will be stepping in the shoes of a head coach for TSM’s VALORANT roster
  • The position had been vacant for a short time as TSM dismissed their previous coach Tailored
  • The team looks forward to Masters 3

After performing blandly in the last few months, Team SoloMid’s VALORANT lineup changed their head coach and set their sights on Masters 3.

Diminishing Performance Called for Urgent Adjustments

Team SoloMid’s VALORANT lineup was slowly losing its momentum. As it became clear that changes are needed, the team decided to lay off their head coach Taylor “Tailored” Broomall and seek to make adjustments.

Fans didn’t have much time to speculate who’s going to step in Tailored’s shoes as TSM just welcomed their new head coach yesterday. Chet “Chet” Singh will now oversee and train the VALORANT roster.

Chet is one of the many Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players who transferred to VALORANT’s fresher esports scene. Back in CS:GO he used to be a coach for several professional teams, including 100 Thieves, OpTic Gaming, CLG, Evil Geniuses and NRG. Then he transferred to NRG’s VALORANT roster until his departure in April.

TSM was once one of the best VALORANT teams but is currently struggling to qualify for major events. In the VCT they were knocked out before stepping further than the first two qualifiers. In the Challengers Three they received a crushing defeat by the hands of Luminosity and lost their shot at the first Masters. Then TSM got through the Challengers Two qualifier but were eventually thrown out by Andbox.

TSM Back in High Spirits

The damage is dealt but it isn’t too late for TSM to regroup. Chet’s long years of experience are sure to help the team out. Fans expect him to even bring the best out of Braxton “brax” Pierce, whom the team acquired recently. To coach’s position is as important in esports as in sports: so much so that it recently became the subject of a huge Dota 2 controversy.

Additionally to parting ways with Tailored, TSM decided to bench Stephen “reltuC” Cutler. The team is now in better spirits and has even set its sight on the Masters Three in Berlin. Time will tell if the dominant TSM VALORANT will return.

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