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Published: October 6, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Modern Warfare III’s beta can already be played this weekend on PS4/5
  • However, it will not have a ranked mode, nor will the full game upon release
  • It will likely be added to the game sometime in January

Modern Warfare III will not have a ranked mode when it comes out on November 10, with the devs instead planning it to be implemented sometime in Season 1 Reloaded.

Fans Want Ranked

Call of Duty fans are hyped about the release of Modern Warfare III, the remake of the popular title from 2011. The game’s beta launches this weekend on PlayStation 4 and 5 and many are eager to try it out. Unfortunately, progress through the beta will not transfer to the full game when it’s released, nor is there a ranked mode in it.

Furthermore, even when MWIII releases on November 10, it will not arrive with a competitive mode from day one. Although this might be disappointing for some players, developers Treyarch’s reasoning is that the studio wants to gather a proper ruleset for the mode. Considering the Call of Duty League season won’t start until at least December, the devs need to make rulesets and present them to the professional players, and after that, the rules can be applied to ranked play.

Speaking of the CoD pros, they seem to be quite the driving force behind the hype for the game. Many pro players already expressed their hype for the game, whose beta starts today. Unfortunately, they would also have to satisfy their craving for MWIII by playing casual modes only.

Treyarch has still not given a specific date on which ranked is going to be released, but at the recent CoD NEXT stream, the devs said they are aiming for a release date sometime during Season 1 Reloaded of the game. This is an update that will arrive sometime in January 2024 and will follow the start of the normal Season 1, which will likely arrive sometime in December, a few weeks before the Reloaded update.

We also do not know yet which maps, modes, and weapons will be included in the ranked ruleset. But considering MWIII is a remake of the original game, we are likely to see those we’ve already known from MW2 and 3, with the rulesets also being fairly similar. This means that fans are likely to play on maps such as Invasion, Highrise, Terminal, Karachi, and Favela.

That being said, there are still a couple of months before the ranked mode arrives, and considering we don’t have much information on it, chances are things will change a lot. But while we wait for more information, players can experience the beta this weekend. Here’s how you can play the MWIII beta on PlayStation.

Chances are that after fans and professional players alike give feedback on the game, the developers will take it in mind, so the future ranked mode will hopefully look and feel just like the fandom wants it.

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