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Published: September 13, 2021

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Call of Duty reveals new Warzone tournament prizes
  • Concerns arise as the breakdown seems odd
  • Pro players discuss the matter on social media

Some world-class pros have complained online about the seemingly low amounts of prizes being allotted for the World Series of Warzone. They question the $300,000 prize pool calling it “participation money”.

What’s the Tournament Prize Money Breakdown?

A few days ago, on September 8, Call of Duty’s official Twitter account revealed how the prize money for the World Series of Warzone tournament, which will be held on September 15, will be split.

The breakdown goes as follows: $40,000 are going to the first-place team and $1,600 are going to each of the squads from places 26 through 35, which is a similar model to previous World Series of Warzone and Twitch Rivals events. The event also has five particular captains that have been chosen by the organizers themselves, who will share a total of $100,000.

Despite the substantial sums of money that will be handed out, some professional players have expressed concerns regarding the numbers, stating that are “participation money” when compared to other tournaments. These concerns come at a difficult time for Call of Duty, as players keep complaining of hackers ravaging through the game’s servers.

CoD Warzone’s highest all-time earner, Aydan ‘‘Aydan’‘ Conrad, laconically tweeted “Giving out participation money”, showing his disinterest in the arguably small prize pool.

Many of his fellow pro players seem to agree with him, as they have also voiced concerns over the prizes on social media. zColorss suggested in the comments that the $100,000 reserved for the organizer chosen captains should be instead added to the placement purse.

Pro Players Are Not Impressed By the Numbers

August’s highest-ranked player, SuperEvan, also wanted to share some thoughts on the matter. He expressed concerns over the seemingly low amount of money the winner is supposed to get – only $40,000, finishing his tweet with a sarcastic “Lmao right”.

Commenters in the replies seem to agree with SuperEvan expressing concerns as to why the top performers get just a bit over ten percent of the total prize pool. They also question the reason why a third of the prize money is being given to just five organizer-selected individuals. The way this tournament works, as well as previous ones, is that five pre-selected captains are chosen, and then those captains choose their own teams and then draft other, non-captained teams, to play under them. The captain gets a cut of the $100,000 based on how their team performed.

In conclusion, both big and small pros pose questions as to why the tournament organizers give too much to both the tournament’s five biggest stars and to its worst performers, with a reply from CoD still pending.

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