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Published: November 30, 2021

Written by: David Kent

  • Cheaters continue to terrorize players in CoD: Warzone
  • Players are eagerly waiting for the implementation of Raven’s new anti-cheat system
  • Reddit once again becomes the outlet for many frustrated players

CoD: Warzone players are complaining that there is an increased number of hackers ahead of the launch of the RICOCHET anti-cheat system.

A Continuing Problem with Cheating

Call of Duty: Warzone has become almost synonymous with cheating and hacking in the FPS community as a whole. Ever since the game’s launch back in March 2020, players have experienced a multitude of hacker waves that seemingly have no end in sight. Sometimes this leads to hilarious events with hackers doing crazy things, but there is still a consensus that cheating mostly leads to ruined games and experiences for non-cheating players.

To combat the hacking plague, Raven, the game’s developers, have announced that they will introduce the RICOCHET anti-cheat, which will hopefully stifle most of the cheaters. The new anti-cheat system will be equipped with algorithms that easily identify cheaters without the need for player reports and direct human intervention. RICOCHET will enhance security across the board by implementing a kernel-level driver for PC Warzone. This will protect against any software and applications that try to manipulate Call of Duty Warzone. This will detect most third-party cheating systems that hackers use to cheat the game.

Until this system is put in place, however, players will still have to deal with hackers the way they have done it until now.

Are Hackers on the Rise Again?

With the nearing of the launch of RICOCHET, players gave started complaining of a seeming increase in hacker activities. The new update should be released on December 8 and apart from implementing the new anti-cheat system, it will also contain the Caldera map.

Players have stated that cheaters seem to be trying to “get the most out of the game” before the new update arrives, and hopefully stops their mischievous activities. Once again, the official CoD: Warzone subreddit has become the hotbed for players to complain about it. “Warzone is a cheat festival at the moment,” reads the title of a post by one user named orderabi, with another user cheekily answering “At the moment? Is your moment 2 years long”.

There is not an official statistic that says how many cheaters are playing the game right now, so there isn’t an empirical way to say of players’ claims are true. What can be said is that cheaters would like to “make the most out of it” before the new update drops and hopefully stops their rampage.

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