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Published: October 22, 2021

Written by: Silvia Pavlof

  • A single Discord server may be responsible for the new hacker nuisance
  • Users can set prices on streamers they want to be harassed
  • Streamers share their encounters with hackers

Streamers like FaZe Kalei and TimTheTatman have been targeted by a group of Warzone hackers. Fifakill explains how it affects the streamers involved.

Discord Users Place “Bounty” on Streamers

Call of Duty Warzone has had its fair share of troubles in the last few months. Hackers are a constant nuisance in the game but sometimes this results in hilarious events caught on camera.

However, recently a new hacker threat is emerging. On October 20, Fifakill, a Warzone pro, shed some light on the fact that Warzone’s hacker problems might be getting even worse thanks to a single Discord server.

He had a conversation with infamous cheater IHACKFORTHEWIN about a Discord server that sounds like something out of the dark web. Users can “hire a hacker” to target a selected streamer by placing a “bounty” on anyone they want to target. The idea is for the hacker to continually harass the targeted content creator until they end their stream.

Hackers targeting content creators to make them end their stream is not something new, however, the details about the whole operation are a bit disturbing. The more popular and well-known the streamer is, then the higher the “price on their head” will be, thus earning successful hackers quite some cash.

Fifakill Sheds Light on the Matter

In a Twitter post Fifakill explained how the system worked. He mentioned some of the big streamers who have recently been victims of the scheme. These include TimTheTatman, Kalei, Tommey, MuTeX, and Symfuhny.

The whole situation is made even worse by the fact that hackers usually target a single streamer more than once. FaZe’s Kalei shared on Twitter that once she was harassed for over eight hours straight despite her best efforts to shake the hacker.

News of this practice has been quickly circulating around streamers. One by the name of MuTeX was shocked to learn what end goal of the hackers was. “Thanks for letting me know. Good luck getting me offline this time.” They said in defiance of the hackers’ wicked agenda.

Warzone has been struggling with hackers ever since its launch ant the existing anti-cheat system inspires confidence in no one, as hackers continue to rampage in the servers. Hopefully, all of this will change as the new RICOCHET anti-cheat system will be arriving in Warzone on November 5.

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