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Published: September 20, 2021

Written by: David

  • Hilarious video shows a hacker being downed by another hacker
  • Warzone hacker problem is growing further
  • Players still waiting for a reliable anti-cheat from Activision

Call of Duty Warzone has had problems with cheating ever since its release. A recently posted clip reveals there are so many hackers in the game now so that they’ve started killing each other in hilarious ways.

Hacker vs Hacker: One Has to Go

Cod Warzone has now become infamous with its rampant population of hackers. Ever since its launch, Warzone has had a severe problem with cheaters ruining the game for everybody. This includes unlawful strategies that range from your typical wallhacks and aimbots to straight-up making the hacker invincible.

This “hacker plague” has grown so much out of hand that players are continuously begging Activision to do something about it. And in the times a player manages to defeat a hacker, they are hailed as heroes, and perhaps rightfully so.

Despite this, the cheater population in the game has grown to the point where these types of players have started facing off one another in the game. Recently a Redditor by the name of DingDingDongDotJPG posted a hilarious clip of such a hacker-vs-hacker encounter in the Warzone subreddit.

The video in question shows a Facebook Gaming streamer by the name of HackingFredward, using, as the name suggests, wallhacks. Suddenly Fredward sees another player looking straight at him from the wall. After that he was killed by said player, he said that something felt off about it, exclaiming “Come on, you saw the walls there. Everybody is cheating in this game, holy s**t.”, suggesting that the other person might be using hacks.

An Ever-Growing Number of Hackers

Naturally, most viewers found it hilarious that a cheater was put down by another cheater, calling it karma, while others expressed concerns that cheating has become so prevalent in the game. “Cheating is the new meta.”, said user ryntab. It used to be that a single hacker might be in every other game, but seeing multiple ones in the same match is indeed concerning.

With the rise of cheaters, many players are leaving Warzone in favor of other games, mainly Apex Legends. Those who have stayed behind the hope that Activision will soon deliver on its promises of a massive new anti-cheat upgrade.

It remains to be seen what the studio will come up with to combat the hacker menace, but Warzone’s reputation has already been tarnished and it will take some time for it to be cleared.

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