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Published: November 17, 2021

Written by: Barney

  • Warzone hackers are not shy to “flaunt it”
  • A hacker downs a chopper through solid concrete with 0 visibility
  • The community is exasperated and amused

A hacker in Warzone “may have used tracking” to down a chopper through a building, the victim of the attack joked in a Reddit post.

Hackers Thrive in Warzone

The season suggests we should all be good but Call of Duty: Warzone is a global phenomenon and as such, this hardly applies to the entire population of soldiers competing. As RICOCHET has just vowed to beef up its anti-cheat in the upcoming Pacific update, players have been taking matters into their own hands.

The blight of hacking in Warzone has been one without end in sight. So much in fact, that there have been numerous anecdotal stories in which the hackers got outsmarted by the community, or even exposed.

Hackers have been quite brazen in the absence of penalties – and knowing that they can always jump back into play by simply registering a fresh account. Many have turned to TikTok to show off how happy they are with ruining everyone’s day.

Crime Without Punishment

Warzone hackers are even happy to accept bounties and maul down popular Twitch streamers. Then again, many of these offenders are usually easily caught. One such individual was exposed by Reddit user rougeot10 who was hovering over in a helicopter above the battlefield and rained down bullets on opponents in a Full Metal Jacket-fashion before his helicopter got hit by a bullet form a solid distance, sending the chopper crashing.

The kill camera, though, revealed foul play as the person taking down the chopper shot the helicopter down through a building and then kept adding more rounds as it tracked the movement behind the building and showered it with gunfire.

Some Have Given Up, Some Are Yet to Give Up

Understandably, fellow Redditors didn’t hold back their criticism of the person’s actions with most just tiredly stating the fact: “Not even the slightest attempt at hiding it.” While some have grown a little inured to the vicissitudes of playing a hacker-ridden game, others have probed the question with exasperation.

“What’s the point in even playing at this point,” a fellow Redditor huffed as such videos have been appearing all over the sub-Reddit, causing discontent, criticism, and people to leave the game in droves. The end of hackers is hardly near.

If anything, the software turning you from a law-abiding soldier into an unapologetic murder machine is now readily available all over the place – just try googling “Warzone hacks” and stand amazed at the results. Hopes are that hackers will one day meet their makers – the sooner, the better.

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