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Published: March 21, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The Shillelagh has been one of the highlights of Warzone 2’s recent St Patrick’s day
  • Its removal was met with mixed feelings by the community
  • Hackers somehow still have access to the one-shot sniper 

Warzone 2 cheaters have found a new way to gain an unfair advantage in the game, this time being able to spawn the OP Shillelagh sniper, which was a temporary weapon for the St Patrick’s event.

Fans Are Not Happy about Shillelagh’s Removal

Hacking has been a problem for Warzone 2 ever since the game’s release, but sometimes the developers can unintentionally make it even more frustrating when regular players meet cheaters in the game. Recently, the Warzone 2 devs have removed the ability for players to one-shot enemies as a series of sniper nerfs have come into effect. However, hackers can still use some very powerful weapons to gain an unfair advantage on the battlefield

Sniping has always played a crucial role in every Call of Duty game and Warzone 2 is no exception. With its large and open maps, the game was particularly suited to the domination of snipers. Players have before been able to build one-shot snipers due to buggy attachments, making them a real menace on the battlefield. 

Although the Warzone devs fixed some glitches and nerfed snipers and DMRs overall, Raven Software simply could not resist the allure of one-shot weapons and decided to add the Shillelagh for a limited-time St Patrick’s Day event. This sniper was well-liked by players, but unfortunately for many, after the event ended, the sniper was removed. 

There is, however, one exception – hackers can still use it.

Hackers Still Use the Shillelagh

Raven Software knew that the Shillelagh, which was a twist on the Victus XMR sniper, was going to reign supreme on the battlefield if it was left in the game permanently. This is why the devs decided to remove the weapons after the end of the St Patrick’s Day event. Except that they didn’t entirely erase the Shillelagh as hackers can spawn the gun and get an unfair advantage over others. 

Players congregated on the CoD Warzone subreddit to discuss the situation and vent their frustration. “A buddy and I ran into a team that both had it on Ashika earlier. We wiped them in CQB and then realized they had the blueprint. We were very confused,” wrote one player on the post.

Some fans criticized Raven for removing the gun, as they want snipers to be more viable in Warzone 2. “I like how this is their response to the community wanting snipers to be viable again, a big middle finger,” wrote one disgruntled fan.

Meanwhile, others reminisced and shared their fun experiences using the Shillelagh. “Was super fun to try and identify which enemy had the sniper and was super fun going into the clusterfuck to try and sneakily take it out,” wrote one fan. “Made for some fun teamwork outside of just fighting and rotating.”

“Killed a team early in the game and by chance they had the sniper. Went on to get 15 kills and the win, including a collateral down with one bullet,” boasted another player. “I know it was super OP but I felt like I had been gifted powers from above.”

It’s clear that the removal of the Shillelagh did not go down too well with players, but the bigger issue is that hackers still have access to it. Strangely, Raven Software has not yet done anything about this. Players argue hackers could easily be banned, considering they are easy to identify, as they are the only ones using the sniper. Alternatively, Raven could just remove the gun entirely from the game’s files, denying hackers the ability to use the Shillelagh in the fort place.

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