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Published: March 21, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Warzone 2’s DMZ has been declining in popularity recently
  • Popular CoD YouTuber gave his opinion on what should be done about this
  • He thinks solo players should be incentivized more

Warzone 2’s second season seems to not have added enough things to DMZ, so popular CoD YouTuber Stodeh explained what he thinks should be done to improve the game mode.

DMZ’s Popularity Is Down

DMZ has been one of Warzone 2’s most popular game modes with it getting a lot more new content in Season 2. Developers Infinity Ward added a new map and implemented a new progress wipe feature as a way to add replayability value for players who really like the game mode. 

Launching on February 15, Warzone 2’s second season implemented a lot of new things, including new content, bug fixes, and quality-of-life improvements. However, according to some members of the community, DMZ did not receive the needed attention. Popular content creator Westie, for example, claimed Season 2 went too far “the wrong way”. He criticized developers Infinity Ward for failing to improve AI spawn and damage consistency, removing some features, and neglecting to fix a weapon blueprint glitch.

Westie’s words were echoed by many in the Warzone 2 community, including fellow content creator Stodeh. However, the popular DMZ community member suggested a few things on how to improve the game mode.

Stodeh Proposed Solutions 

“Alongside the downfall of Warzone 2 popularity, I feel like interest in this mode has been falling daily,” Stodeh expressed his opinion about the current state of the game mode. “There is a lack of replayability, long-term progression, and frustration from solo players because of overwhelming PVP.”

Despite the grim prognosis, the YouTuber suggested a few things about how to fix the DMZ. He argued Infinity Ward should put more emphasis on solo players. He suggested solo players should spawn in with a self-revive, earn more rewards, and take less damage from AI enemies. 

Additionally, Stodeh proposed that the devs should add new features allowing players to earn key inventory slots or a slot that holds items between matches. “Right now, we are simply completing missions to get to the end with no real rewards,” the streamer said, arguing that if added, the proposed features would incentivize solo players more. 

The YouTuber also argued that there should be a karma system in order to de-incentivize too many PVP engagements. Inspired by DayZ, the DMZ is more of a survival than a PVP mode, so players should be awarded for doing good things or placed under a global bounty after killing five other players. 

Stodeh said he wants to see the game mode developed further and have continued support. “This game is a great base for something even greater, and I really hope they continue to expand on this mode in future seasons and games,” he concluded.

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