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Published: May 24, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Call of Duty: Warzone 2 recently had a huge leak revealing some interesting tidbits
  • There will be four Modern Warfare 2 coming to the game as POIs
  • The game will also feature “Strongholds” – areas controlled by AI enemies containing objectives one needs to complete

The popular video game industry insider Tom Henderson corroborated evidence leaked showing some features of the upcoming CoD: Warzone 2.

New Leaks Show Interesting Warzone 2 Features

Ever since the Call of Duty franchise started in 2003, fans have had the pleasure of having a new game from the series every year. And although there were rumors there will be no CoD title this year, these turned out to be wrong, as Infinity Ward, the game’s developer, revealed there will be a remastered version of Modern Warfare 2 sometime later this year.

Alongside the remastered version of MW2, players will also get a new Warzone game. And it seems a recent information leak has revealed some interesting features of the upcoming game. Tom Henderson, a popular and trusted leaker, made a report corroborating much of the evidence with his own sources.

Some Maps Are Returning to Warzone 2

Henderson has seen several maps from the game, as well as a new gamemode called DMZ, which seems like it resembles Escape from Tarkov gameplay. The map will reportedly be filled with points of interest built with classic CoD maps.

In terms of maps, players will see several MW2 iconic places be implemented into Warzone 2, albeit with different names. Final POI names for the map itself have not yet been determined, but Henderson outlines a few of them and their locations within Warzone 2:

  • Highrise: This iconic map will be found under a POI named “Modern City” that will have a very Downtown feel in Verdansk
  • Quarry: This classic map will retain its original name
  • Terminal: Warzone 2 is also borrowing a Verdansk feature as Terminal will be in a returning “Airport” POI
  • Afghan: The Afghan map will be found in “Caves” towards the middle of the map

Henderson also mentioned later in his report that there might be even more MW2 maps implemented in Warzone 2. “There are also several other POI locations that could include more Modern Warfare 2 maps too,” he wrote, “including “Mountain Town” which is located next to the Observatory in the middle of the map, which could include Favela.”

Another interesting feature Henderson wrote about is a thing called “Strongholds”. These are areas on the map, controlled by Ais, which will give players more things to do beyond the normal battle royal mode. He explained there are around 25-30 of them spread out across the entire map, probably as many as the usual buy stations.

One has to remember these are leaks, so one should take all this with a grain of salt. However, we may get more information on the games soon.

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