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Published: February 23, 2022

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Rumors say that the Call of Duty title for 2023 is being delayed
  • Activision Blizzard has been seeing a lot of team turnover, which might affect the production
  • The company responds to the rumors

Activision is popular for pumping out new Call of Duty titles every year, but a recent report by Bloomberg suggests there might not be a CoD title next year.

Is There Going to Be a CoD Game in 2023?

Over almost two decades, Activision has created one of the most popular franchises in all of gaming history. The Call of Duty brand continues to be one of the most recognized in the gaming world, and although the glory days of Modern Warfare 2 and World at War might be gone, the company continues to produce pieces that enjoy a lot of attention.

This success can be attributed, at least in part, to Activision’s yearly mainline CoD releases. The company has produced a CoD title every year since 2004. According to a recent article by Bloomberg however, this trend might end next year.

According to the report, the title that was supposed to release in 2023 is delayed. This year’s CoD game, which is being developed by Infinity Ward, will release in fall. However, it seems it will become the de facto CoD title for a while. Activision has three developers that have worked on CoD games, like Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games, the developers of 2021’s Call of Duty: Vanguard, however, the ones creating the 2023 game are probably Treyarch.

Why Would Activision Delay the New CoD Game?

It seems strange for a company with such an impeccable record, when it comes to timetables, to be delaying its mainline game. However, considering Activision is in the middle of a deal that will see it acquired by Microsoft in the next few months. The administrative workload of that should not affect game production too much, however, Activision Blizzard is also involved in ongoing legal cases, that stem from the many workplace sexual harassment scandals that plagued the company last year.

The acquisition by Microsoft, coupled with Activision’s involvement in many scandals, has caused concern for many of its employees. The company has been seeing a large staff turnover, for a lot of which the company’s CEO Bobby Kotick has been blamed.

However, Activision has been notoriously announcing titles just a few months before their intended release date. Furthermore, the company responded shortly after Bloomberg posted their article, saying they have a lot of premium and free-to-play Call of Duty experiences for this and next year. “Reports of anything otherwise are incorrect,” they added.  We look forward to sharing more details when the time is right.”

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