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Published: January 6, 2022

Written by: David Kent

  • According to rumors, the CDL has heard the disgruntlement of teams and fans
  • Because of this, the league will allegedly scrap its plans to only host 8 teams per Major
  • This change will be a welcome one as franchises fear an 8-team format would negatively impact the league

According to rumors, the Call of Duty League might have heard the concerns of teams and fans and will return to hosting Majors with 12 teams.

The Call of Duty League Planned to Switch to 8 Teams Per Major

According to reports, the Call of Duty league has heeded fans’ concerns and has decided to revamp its plans for 2022 and return to featuring 12 teams during each Major event.

The initial concerns were sparked in December when the CDL revealed its plans for the new year. According to the league, there would be only four Major events throughout 2022 but each one will host only eight of the teams.

Each of those four events would be hosted by one of the franchises and, according to rumors, if the host happens to fail to qualify for the event, it would be able to challenge the eight-seed for their spot.

Needless to say, the fans of the league were anything but happy to hear of this format. Not only fans, but the teams themselves were quite concerned by the news as it would limit teams’ exposure and will also introduce a format that is unfair as it will decrease the value of the regular-season matches.

The League Might be Scrapping its Plans

Yet, if the rumors are to be believed, the league might have heard the concerns of both fans and esports athletes. According to DotEsports journalists, sources told them that the CDL is backing on its decision and will return to a format with 12 teams.

If this turns out to be true, it will be a huge relief for both the franchises and the most fervent of fans. Although the CDL’s main concerns were the low viewership of the last four seeds, this doesn’t mean that the teams don’t want to play and that there aren’t fans who want to see all of the matches.

Whether the rumors are true or not will become clear soon enough.

As for what’s sure, it has been decided that the first of the four Major events will be hosted by OpTic Texas, the team that recently emerged from the coming together of OpTic and Envy Gaming. The CDL had also announced the hosts of the following three Major tournaments – Minnesota RØKKR, Toronto Ultra, and New York Subliners. However, the league later deleted the later announcement, meaning there might be some changes.

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