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Published: April 14, 2021

Written by: Kyamil Nasuf

  • Teams have hinted at the prospects of Call of Duty LAN events returning
  • Suspicions are based on a viral video of the Call of Duty League Tag Generator, which showed the BACK2LAN tag 
  • Call of Duty League caster Joe “MerK” Deluca revealed he’d heard no such thing but didn’t rule out the possibility

Fans are hyped as several implications of Call of Duty League LAN events returning have been thrown around.

The Return of LAN Events: Wishful Thinking or Fact?

Teams and professional players have virally started implying the return of LAN events for the Call of Duty League. Although no official announcement has been made by the game’s spokespeople, fans are already getting enthusiastic. 

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic greatly limited the possibilities of hosting a live LAN event. Since then, Call of Duty tournaments and most esports tournaments as a whole have been hosted and operated online. 

Needless to say, fans were quite disgruntled by that fact, even if it was a necessity as many consider such remote events to be far less exciting. Moreover, some go as far as claiming online play messes up the results, limits the skills of some players, and favors others. According to those people, some tournaments would have ended differently in LAN play.  

Hope is in sight for LAN lovers. 

Teams have been posting a clip of the Call of Duty League Tag Generator. The site normally lets people fill in some questions and have a game tag randomized. However, the viral video shows the tag BACK2LAN popping up each time. 

Call of Duty League caster Joe “MerK” Deluca tweeted that he hasn’t heard of any plans to return offline LAN events. However, he didn’t rule out the possibility either and said that he is just as welcoming to the prospects of LAN events.

Whatever the case, we can expect the Call of Duty League will soon make a statement. In the best-case scenario, the COVID-19 situation will slowly let up at least a little bit and allow for some live events to take place. 

The Call of Duty competitive community was hit by COVID-19 in more than one way. Last year the Call of Duty: Mobile Championship was canceled because of the pandemic. Now that the Mobile Championship returned let’s hope that the rumors are correct and LAN events are also on the way back. 

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