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Published: December 22, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Warzone 2 has had a mixed reception from both streamers and the wider community
  • The developers removed several features that players liked
  • Swagg says this has hurt the likability of the game

FaZe Clan content creator Swagg shares his opinion on what should be done to make Warzone 2 popular again.

Swagg Explains Warzone 2’s Faults

Warzone 2 has already had over a month to grab the attention of the Call of Duty player base, but so far it seems the game has had a mixed reception. Streamers are some of the most prominent voices in the community and their opinion often reflect the wider feelings. Many streamers have already changed their initially positive attitude to Warzone 2 and it seems like their number is growing in the face of Swagg.

The FaZe Clan content creator had been playing a lot of Warzone 1 during this year, but it looks like he does not share the same enthusiasm for the sequel. In a recent interview for Dexerto, the streamer talked about the three main things that need to be brought back to make the game better – sniping, movement, and loadouts.

According to Swagg, the sniping community in Warzone 2 is practically nonexistent, because “snipers can’t one-shot”, making the tactic almost useless. Meanwhile, the fact that the sliding mechanic was nerfed means players were denied the opportunity to utilize a more movement-based game style. Last, but not least, the fact that Warzone 2 has “limited loadouts” severely limits players who like collecting guns and camos. 

“They built up Warzone 1 and did it so well, and they just took all the small things and the quality-of-life updates and brought it backward,” the player said.

Fans Agree with Swagg

Swagg’s opinion seems to be shared by the wider CoD community. Many players have been complaining about the battle royale’s slower-paced gameplay than the original. Compared to Warzone 2, the first game had slide canceling and allowed players to equip armor while running. Both mechanics resulted in fast paced-gameplay and made moving around the map faster, which Swagg says has now been taken away from players. 

The numbers speak for themselves as just a month after its release, Warzone 2 has lost more than half of its player base. According to data shared by Swagg on his Twitter page, the game had 488 897 players on November 20, but that number dropped to 217 328 on December 7, representing a reduction of around 56%.

But perhaps the streamer’s prayers have been answered as Infinity Ward recently reintroduced loadout drops to buy stations, a move that Swagg accepted with open arms. 

Only time will tell if the game’s devs will listen to the plight of the community. With recent rumors saying Warzone 2’s support might be taken over by Treyarch, chances are that changes will follow if the new studio takes the lead. Players will just have to hope that these changes will be positive.

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