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Published: June 7, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • The team defeats Atlanta FaZe with a respectable 5-3 at the latest CoD: Vanguard Major
  • This secures Seattle Surge a spot at the grand finals
  • FaZe put up a valiant defense, but t was not enough to stand against their new opponents

Against all odds, Seattle Surge managed to defeat former champions FaZe Atlanta, a win that marks the team’s first Major win.

Surge Defeats FaZe

Everyone has to start somewhere, and esports teams are no exception to the rule. Every young organization has its first momentous event when it first bursts onto the big scene and wins its first important event. This is the case for Seattle Surge which recently brought home their first-ever Call of Duty Major victory. The team triumphed over former Cold War champs Atlanta FaZe with a stunning 5-3 win.

Surge’s win is another blow for FaZe who have been struggling to win a Major this season. The team has attended all CoD: Vanguard Major finals but has not brought home a single victory. These struggles continue at Major III with Atlanta being defeated after a hard-fought battle with Surge.

How Did the Game Go?

With their win, Seattle Surge was granted a spot in the grand finals. FaZe, on the other hand, were sent to the lower bracket after their 2-0 choke. FaZe then had to go up against Toronto Ultra, who boasted the game-changing home-ground advantage at the Major, to get to the grand finals.

The same day, Seattle Surge was also having a difficult time but managed to hold out nevertheless. The team excelled on Bocage Hardpoint and Search and Destroy and the Tuscan Control. There was no weak link in Surge’s chain as every member managed to win their gunfights across the three maps, which led to the team taking a 3-0 lead in the series.

FaZe were in a tight spot and desperately needed a way out. The team finally found some strength after hearing the crowd shouting “Drown Them Out”. The players managed to bring back some control of the series with a clean 250–212 victory on Berlin Hardpoint, proving the booing crowd wrong.

Spurred on by their success and the urge to spite the crowd, FaZe was able to pull back two rounds to bring the match within striking distance. However, their comeback was short-lived as they lost the Berlin Control, allowing Surge to reach match point and regain momentum.

Eventually, Seattle Surge closed out the grand finals on Tuscan Hardpoint with a score of 250-196. This victory secures them a place at the grand finals and marks the team’s first-ever Major win.

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