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Published: July 28, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Longtime CDL caster Velly resigned from the CDL last week
  • He says he did it out of his own volition and there is no bad blood between him and the CDL
  • Rumors say his resignation is due to him being in an altercation with other staff while intoxicated

Popular Call of Duty League caster Velly’s resignation came as a surprise to fans and some sources claim this was due to an altercation between him and other casters after the New York Major.

Velly Resigns from the CDL

Loviel “Velly” Cardwell is a well-respected member of the Call of Duty community and one of its most popular casters, so it’s no wonder that CoD fans were shocked when last week saw him resign from the CDL. Having established himself as a top Vanguard caster during this season alongside former pro-NAMELESS and analyst Allycxt, Velly hosted all of the CDL’s major tournaments this season. His departure from the league just a couple of weeks before the start of the Call of Duty World Championships, which start on August 4, send shockwaves across the community.

Needless to say, fans were left with many questions due to the pro caster suddenly leaving the CDL. Initially, Valley stayed quiet about the ordeal, but a couple of days after he went on social media to say there was no bad blood between him and the organization.

“There’s no issue with me and the CDL,” he said. “I won’t be attending Champs and with that said, my year with the Call of Duty League is done. It’s been a year where I was able to really find myself and I’m really thankful for that.” The now-former CDL caster also asked fans not to say anything bad about the CDL, as he has been treated nicely during his stay with the organization.

Rumors Surround His Resignation

Despite Velly’s positive words, it seems fans were not entirely satisfied with the outcome. Some dug around and according to Dexerto’s sources, Velly left the CDL of his own volition following an altercation with two other members of the broadcast team.

The altercation allegedly took place on July 17 after the New York Major. Velly was intoxicated during the post-match celebrations, causing him to arrive at the altercation with the other broadcasting members. This prompted other talent and pro players to break up the situation.

It is said that Velly handed his resignation not long after the altercation occurred. The other broadcast talents involved were not reprimanded. It is still unknown who will replace him on the desk for CoD Champs.

Velly‘s entry into the CDL broadcasting table came about as a result of his successful casting stints in the CDL Challengers competition across 2020. Despite his resignation from the organizations, Velly remains active in games such as VALORANT and Rainbow Six Siege.

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