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Published: March 24, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • This week’s MWII playlists removed the hugely popular 10vs10 Mosh Pit mode
  • Several other game modes could be played in its place but it’s not the same experience
  • It’s unknown when Infinity Ward will bring back the 10vs10 mode

Modern Warfare II’s Season 2 Reloaded introduced the 10vs10 Mosh Pit mode, which quickly became very popular, but the game’s playlists removed it this week and fans aren’t happy.

A key feature of CoD: Modern Warfare II is the constantly rotating playlist of available game modes. This keeps the game fresh for fans and encourages them to try out new modes or existing ones with newly added maps in rotation. The rotating playlists sometimes also bring back popular features such as the return of the old-school minimap in Gun Game.

This Wednesday also saw a new change of the playlist but it seems this time developer Infinity Ward may have made a blunder. The team removed the hugely popular 10vs10 playlist from the rotation and fans have already expressed their dissatisfaction. 

Modern Warfare II’s Season 2 Reloaded launched last week and brought a ton of changes, such as new maps and challenges, the Dead Zone mode, as well as removing the much-hated bomb drone. The new season also featured the 10vs10 Mosh Pit in the playlist, allowing players to experience traditional 6v6 maps with larger teams. The game mode quickly became super popular but as the new week rolled by, Infinity Ward replaced it with the new playlists.

Fans Are Not Happy

Unfortunately for fans who want to experience the 10vs10 mode, they will have to wait an unknown amount of time, as Infinity Ward has not yet announced when they will re-include it in the playlists. Many fans have been disgruntled at the prospect that the devs removed the popular mode just a week after it was released and did not give an exact date of when it will return. 

For now, players who want to play with larger numbers will have to make do with Ground War. However, this mode features up to 64 players across some of the game’s largest maps, which provides a much different experience compared to 10v10 Mosh Pit.

Perhaps Close Quarters Mosh Pit could be another game mode which fans of the 10vs10 mode could play as they await the latter’s return. Close Quarters Mosh Pit has been updated with beloved maps such as Shipment and Dome, so at least it brings something fresh. There is also a strong demand for the dedicated Shipment 24/7 mode, so some fans could move to that one.

Ultimately, it remains unknown when the 0popular 10vs10 mode will return. It’s possible it could be soon if the demand is there, but the final decision lies with Infinity Ward.

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