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Published: November 23, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Players discover even more Modern Warfare II glitches
  • The latest glitch grants users unparalleled movement speed 
  • Some try to replicate the glitch in Warzone 2

A newly discovered exploit, dubbed the “G-Walk”, allows CoD: MWII players to move in a fast and hilarious way.

Players Discover a Game-Breaking Glitch

Call of Duty Modern Warfare II has been out for a few weeks now, but problems with the game still persist. Bugs and glitches in the first months of a game’s release seem to have become the usual mainstay within the industry. MWII is no exception to that, with the game suffering from multiple issues that range from relatively minor visual glitches to the popular Ghost perk not working correctly

Of course, when there are glitches in a game, there come gamers to exploit them. Some MWII players have recently been attempting to break Modern Warfare II’s movement tech. Many have succeeded and the results are hilarious. 

One of the most game-breaking glitches was found by a group of players called Euphoria Dream. The group discovered a new move, which they dubbed the “G-Walk”, which allows players to seemingly go prone and stand back up without a slow animation in between. This, combined with the dive mechanic, results in the player model moving very rapidly across the map, allowing users to seemingly dodge incoming enemy fire.

Does This Work in Warzone 2?

The clip of the new glitch has been going viral on the Internet with many fans trying to replicate the effect. The appeal of the exploit is two-fold – it grants players with amazing movement speed, but also looks absolutely ridiculous. It’s kind of scary that this can be done without any modifications to the game.

Some have wondered if the same exploit can be achieved in Warzone 2. From the clip, it becomes clear that the gamer group is testing the movement mechanics on a MWII private server. This means it’s not clear if the glitch will work in Warzone, but considering the two games are built on the same engine, that is very probable. 

The original Warzone had a somewhat similar exploit called slide-canceling. This has been removed in Warzone 2, so players are eager to find a replacement for the intentional mechanic. Some tests suggest that a similar result to MWII’s movement can be achieved with a controller. 

Despite the apparent usefulness of this MWII glitch, it seems not very easy to master, and it won’t be surprising if the devs remove this exploit in future updates.

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