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Published: November 6, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Fans discover more and more Modern Warfare II glitches a week after launch
  • The latest visual glitch always shows just one operator on the main menu screen
  • Leaks suggest a patch to fix the issue and UI is soon going to be released

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II has been suffering a ton of glitches since its launch last week, but at least some are harmless and funny.

Fans Discover a New Hilarious Bug

The remake of the most popular CoD title ever, Modern Warfare II, has already been out for a week and players are still encountering annoying issues. Fans encountered problems on MWII’s launch day and by this point, many of these glitches have come to be ridiculed by the community while it is waiting for Infinity Ward to fix them. 

But in between the game-breaking “God Mode” glitches and the many crashes players experience, some bugs seem more entertaining than annoying. One such recently discovered glitch happens in the Modern Warfare II main menu and it displays only one usable operator that has the so-called “grilled cheese skin.”

On launch, the game had 24 playable Operators. However, several players have encountered a curious visual glitch where Fender always appears on the main menu’s display. Reddit user idk-bruh pointed it out with a post titled “anybody else getting tired of seeing this guy with grilled cheeses strapped to his face?”

Immediately, many other CoD fans answered they have often encountered the same glitch. “Haha, yes! Most of all my friends have it on but aren’t able to change it!” one user wrote. “A friend of mine changed his to oni, but my other friend also changed it and it just won’t reflect for me,” another responded,” same with his level, it’s stuck at 1 when he’s really at like level 20 or something, very weird.”

This glitch doesn’t help the fact that players seem to dislike the Modern Warfare II UI, with some saying it’s the “worst UI in CoD history”. But at least some rumors say that developer Infinity Ward is working on a patch to overhaul the UI. 

The “grilled cheese” glitch and many others have more than annoyed players, who were not expecting MWII to have so many issues at launch. “Billion-dollar company, AAA Game, 3000 devs and a 3-year build time by the way,” wrote one disgruntled fan underneath the original “grilled cheese” post. 

But while players are waiting for Infinity Ward to fix the issues, at least they can have a laugh with the more harmless bugs. 

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