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Published: September 13, 2021

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • A humble shield user beats the hacker in an epic 1v1 confrontation
  • Hilarious video captures the whole thing
  • The hero of the story shares his experience and gives advice how to deal with cheaters

CoD Warzone player cleverly uses his shield and grenades to deal with a hacker.

Cheater Ruins Everyone’s Game

Call of Duty Warzone has had troubles with hackers for some time now. Wallhacks, aimbots, and others have plagued the game since its debut and up to this day, ruining the experience for everyone except the hacker. However, one player has found an interesting way to teach hackers a lesson.

In a video posted on Reddit by user ritorhymes we see him and his squadmates playing on Rebirth Resurgence against a team of seemingly too good players. One of their opponents, in particular, caught their eye as he was able to immediately down ritorhymes and his team after redeployment.

With something so bizarre happening all of a sudden one player decided to watch the killer’s killcam. Seemingly being able to see through walls to the obvious moment when the player aimed down the sights of their gun, it became clear they were a hacker.

Time for Retribution

The hacker decided to chase after a player using a shield and this was their final mistake. The shield user had good map knowledge so he could run around and bait the cheater in his trap. In the video you can see the player running up a hill to get the high ground, protecting himself all the time with his shield.

The height guarded him against the hacker’s grenades, whose aimbot actually worked against him, as it was not able to compensate for the grenade’s parabolic trajectory. Frustrated, the hacker lost his cool, started to make mistakes, thus letting our hero use gas grenades to slowly drain the cheater’s health points.

In an email to Dexerto, which did the original reporting, Rhymes shared his experience and explained that he was in large part able to beat the cheater because of his loadout. He said that thermites are a quick and easy method, however, the damage is so slow, so one needs to keep their shield up, blocking shots until the target is downed. He added that the Amped perk also helped, as it minimized the time one’s shield is lowered. The whole epic battle concluded with the hacker rage quitting, and thus good won against evil once more.

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