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Published: December 19, 2021

Written by: David Kent

  • The Krampus serves its purpose and reigns chaos and terror on Call of Duty: Warzone players
  • The mechanics of the Krampus are “stupid” argue players who are already fed up with the festive update
  • The developers may be forced to introduce some nerfs to the Krampus to satisfy the community

The Krampus was introduced in Call of Duty: Warzone’s latest update. However, it has been making players miserable and Raven Software may need to introduce a nerf.

The Krampus Adds an Eerie Feeling to the Holidays: Players Ain’t Happy

In the latest saga involving Call of Duty: Warzone there is once again a disruptor of gameplay. However, this time it’s not hackers, but rather a mythological creature is known as the Krampus, and added as part of the game’s latest update. What developers thought would be a cool addition to the game has turned into a nightmare for players.

And not just because of the horrifying nature of the monster. Rather, developers have failed to balance it correctly, and when the Krampus is out to get you – it most certainly does. The Krampus is not invincible, but it does require a lot of firepower to take down, and once you are its next victim, producing this amount before it kills you is almost impossible unless you are willing to run, and run… and run.

The Krampus was released last week, but it’s already annoying the life out of players who have appealed to devs to step up and take it out or at the very least – offer some sort of a game balancing nerf that would allow players to enjoy the game once again.

Criticism has spread across Reddit, naturally, with players ganging up on Raven Software, the company behind Warzone, and voicing their frustration with the nigh-invincible monster that is eating through them.

Those in Favor and Against the Krampus Speak Up

Players did not hold back and used various ways to describe the Krampus, but the one that stood out was community members repeatedly calling the monster “stupid.” One player specifically said:

“The Krampus is so unbelievably stupid. Your game is basically over if he starts hunting you.”

The Krampus has been known to hunt players and their teams across numerous games on a single night effectively making people’s frustration understandable given how serious the Krampus is about securing a kill.

Many players were of the same opinion. However, there were a few dissident voices who argued that the Krampus was hardly that difficult to kill. Admittedly, it had a lot of health, but that was its only strength. It wasn’t particularly bright or insidious, those supporting the Krampus change add.

They did admit that the nature of the Krampus was a little off, though, arguing that while easy to deal with, you would still need to run away from it to ensure that you can produce enough damage to finally take it down. That, players admitted, was stupid indeed.

Whether the Krampus is stupid or not remains to be seen, but developers are most likely going to act on this and introduce a sort of a nerf for the monster.

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