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Published: October 31, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • CoD: Modern Warfare II’s multiplayer finally launches
  • Thousands of players have encountered connection problems on launch
  • It’s unlikely these issues will be fixed soon

Players eager to once again immerse themselves in the multiplayer of the most popular CoD title ever have been met with serious connection issues.

Players Encounter Connection Troubles

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s much anticipated remastered version is finally here. The aptly named MWII was officially launched in the early hours of October 28 and millions of fans across the globe eagerly await to relive the first time they played the most popular CoD title. Although MWII’s campaign was launched ahead of the full game’s release, the multiplayer still remains the most important thing for many players. However, they would be disappointed to find out that the game has server issues from day one. 

From the earliest hours since the launch of Modern Warfare II, players around the globe have been experiencing problems accessing the game’s multiplayer servers. Some are reporting they are being met with long server queues. What’s worse is that others initially see relatively normal times for queues but then they are greeted with several error codes. “Timed out while checking permissions,” with an error code “PUGET – LAKES” is an often sight, telling players that their connection failed. 

Considering the popularity of the original Modern Warfare and the ton of hype that surrounded its remake, there are hundreds of thousands of players who want to play simultaneously. According to the data gathering website SteamBD, there were 238 522 players playing through Steam alone. If we assume equal distribution across all platforms, one can estimate that more than a million players have been trying to play at the game’s launch. 

When looking at these numbers, it’s not surprising that the MWII servers are encountering severe problems. While it’s understandable why this exits, it’s still frustrating for many players. Infinity Ward and Activision will likely be burning the midnight oil to try and keep up with the influx of millions of players.

However, it’s unlikely the developers will be able to find spare internet bandwidth so quickly, so these problems will most likely persist until at least some of the hype surrounding the game dies down and relieves pressure on MWII’s servers.

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