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Published: December 15, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • A MWII player points out a strange POV-breaking glitch related to flash grenades
  • The glitch occurs very rarely but it’s quite disorienting
  • It seems fixing the glitch is not a top priority for Infinity Ward currently

Modern Warfare II’s latest bug flips the POV of a player receiving a hit from a flash grenade and no one knows how this happens. 

A New MWII Glitch Has Been Discovered

Exploiting glitches in games to gain an unfair advantage is nothing new in gaming. But as Valve is fixing the Magic Molotov problem in CS:GO with the game’s latest update, it seems that Infinity Ward has not yet addressed a hilariously game-breaking glitch with Modern Warfare II’s flash bangs.

MWII has been suffering from a lot of bugs since its release in late October and although the developers say they are working hard to iron out the game’s kinks, new issues seem to emerge on a regular basis. The latest glitch that has caused chaos and laughs in the community is related to flash grenades.

Normally, the item isn’t supposed to cause any damage, only leave your opponents blinded, but players seem to have recently found a secret extra functionality – it flips the enemy’s perspective. Seemingly at random, when a player receives a hit from a flash bang, their camera can flip 180 degrees, essentially flipping their POV upside down. 

The glitch is obviously disorientating and potentially game-breaking. It was pointed out by Reddit user M_Mantle7, who uploaded a video of himself being affected by the glitch, with the simple and somewhat funny caption “Flash grenades need to be nerfed”. The original post’s comment section was filled with funny responses to the bizarre glitch. “That was a flash from the depths of hell. Definitely needs a nerf,” said one commenter, while another wrote “Brother was sent to Australia.”

What Will Infinity Ward Do About It

The unexpected effect lasted only a few seconds but was enough to disorient the surprised player, who was lucky to have been hiding behind cover, else he would have been shot. Unfortunately, the flash grenade effect is worsened by the fact that its regular blinding effect works in conjunction with the glitch.

It’s currently unknown what causes this bug to manifest. Considering it has not popped up in a lot of other players’ games, it seems like it’s a relatively rare occurrence, but one that can be very game-breaking. Modern Warfare II has been suffering from a non-trivial number of similarly hilarious issues, some even resulting in funny ways to move around the map. Although developer Infinity Ward is gradually fixing these issues, the company has not said anything about the flash grenade bug, suggesting it’s not very high on their priority to fix. The game’s Trello board seems to support this as there is no information about the bug written on it. 

Until Infinity Ward comes out with news it’s fixed the issue, players would just have to hope that they would not be on the receiving end.

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