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Published: November 8, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • The Ghost perk is one of the original game’s best ones
  • There have been multiple changes and now the perk doesn’t seem to work as it should
  • A popular Youtuber ran some experiments to prove the point

Modern Warfare II players are baffled why the Ghost perk seems to not work the way it used to in the original game.

The Perk Doesn’t Work as Expected 

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II has, understandably, been one of the most played games in recent weeks. However, the remake of the most popular CoD game of all time still has some teething issues a few weeks after launch. And while some players are mocking MWII’s hilarious glitches, others are discussing the controversial changes to the perk system. 

The original game’s perks were one of its defining features, allowing players to customize their characters to give them a slight edge in combat. One of the most popular perks was Ghost, which prevents players using it to show on enemies’ minimaps. 

However, with the changes to the perk system in MWII, players now have to get to level 52 to unlock it and it also has to be earned in matches. Not only is this more time-consuming, but it seems that the perk does not ever work properly, as those using it still show up on enemies’ maps and sensors.

Is This a Glitch or Is It Intended?

When combined with suppressed weapons, the Ghost perk hides players from enemy UAVs, hearth sensors, and portable radars. Or at least this is how it’s supposed to work. Many players have already taken to Reddit to complain about the perk not working correctly, as they still show up on enemy minimaps, even when using suppressed weapons. 

“I wonder if it’s supposed to be like this? I hope not,” wrote one player in the comments. “As it stands, the UAV spam is bad enough. Guess Ghost not really doing anything might be why the UAV is so prevalent. Or effective.”

The players’ speculations were confirmed by Youtuber Jackfrags, He ran a few experiments and discovered that even if you have ghost equipped and unlocked in a match it can just not work. This is the case no matter which map is played. 

Jackfrags’ experiment consisted of two players, one with the Ghost perk and one without. When a UAV is used, the player with the perk doesn’t show up, as expected. When the player with the ghost perk shoots, however, they show up on the UAV for a brief time, despite having a perk that should prevent it.

Jackfrags did a few rounds of experimentation but did not manage to figure out exactly what the issue was, so it’s unclear if this CoD Modern Warfare 2 Ghost perk minimap issue is a glitch or an intended feature. Considering the recent Modern Warfare 2 patch notes haven’t addressed the issue, it seems it may not yet be on Infinity Ward’s radar. Players will still have to wait and see if the problem will be fixed with future MWII updates.

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