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Published: October 21, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Players can start the story on October 20, a week ahead of MWII’s full release
  • Completing the campaign will give them goodies to use in the multiplayer
  • To play, fans must preorder a digital copy of the game, regardless of platform

For the first time in the franchise’s history, Activision is releasing CoD: Modern Warfare II’s campaign ahead of its multiplayer.

MWII’s Campaign Releases Early

CoD: Modern Warfare 2 is the most popular and successful iteration of the Call of Duty franchise, so naturally, its remake, aptly named Modern Warfare II (or just MWII for short) is one of the most anticipated games this year. With every new CoD title, fans have often had to decide between playing the campaign first or jumping right into the multiplayer action at the launch of each new game. 

Although the CoD game’s campaigns were also often praised, the chance of unlocking weapons, attachments, and prestige ahead of others has pushed many players to skip the campaign and go straight to the multiplayer. This has often left CoD campaigns somewhat neglected and perhaps this is the reason why Activision is releasing MWII’s single-player content ahead of the game’s full launch.

The separate, early access launch ahead of the full release, will allow the players to go through the campaign and see the revamped mission that Task 141 has to undertake. They will also be able to unlock several exclusive goodies for use in multiplayer.

How to Play the Campaign Early?

Although the full MWII game will be released on Friday, October 28, players can dive into the game’s story as early as October 20, giving them ample time to play through the campaign ahead of the arrival of the multiplayer. The campaign will be available to players on all platforms, meaning everyone can get ready for the campaign launch, regardless of where they play.

In order to get early access to MWII’s story, players need to preorder the game on their platform of choice. This can be done regardless of the platform as long as one has a digital preorder, but it’s unclear if players with physical preorders from retailers will also be able to get in early.

Completing the campaign ahead of the launch of the multiplayer will reward players with tons of exclusive content that could be used when the full game launches. These include four distinct Operators, several calling cards, and a bunch of Double XP Tokens. Activision hopes that this will further incentivize players to check out the campaign instead of just diving straight into MWII’s multiplayer. Those who play through the game’s story will have a decent head start in MWII’s multiplayer, whose competitive season might start this fall, according to several leaks from a couple of months ago.

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