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Published: November 2, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • CoD: MWIII’s trophy achievements on PlayStation 5 will only go up to Gold, it seems
  • This is because the game is considered a DLC to MWII on the platform
  • Strangely, on PS4, this does not seem to be a problem and MWIII has a Plat trophy

Many PS5 owners are disgruntled by the fact that CoD: MWIII will not have all four achievement trophies on the console.

MWIII Missing Key Feature

Achievement hunting is quite a big deal for some people as many fans would spend a lot of time to make sure they complete a game to its fullest. With the imminent release of CoD: Modern Warfare III, many are preparing to dive into the game and start working on acquiring every achievement. However, getting a platinum trophy might not be possible for PlayStation 5 players.

Trophies are PlayStation’s achievement system. Players can earn four different types of trophies, which vary with the game and what is needed to be achieved in order to unlock the trophy. These range from Bronze, at the lowest level, to Platinum at the highest. Unfortunately, it looks like PS5 players will only have access to the Gold trophy, a.k.a. one level below the Plat one.

The news was broken by a Twitter profile by the name of PowerPyx, which revealed that the upcoming game doesn’t have a standalone trophy list or a platinum trophy on the platform. Instead, it only goes up to Gold, because the trophy list is found under Modern Warfare II’s like a DLC would be. Essentially, MWIII acts as a DLC of MWII on PS5, which negates its full trophy list.

Strangely enough, the PlayStation 4 trophy list does actually go up to Platinum, despite it being missing on the latest gen console. Naturally, this fact confused a lot of players, with many asking why this is the case. According to some news, this is due to the Call of Duty HQ launcher app, a one-stop-shop for Call of Duty players to access the franchise’s recent games.

It’s possible that Activision might want to emulate the app on the PS5 and chose Modern Warfare 2 as the “lead name” for everything Call of Duty to fall under. That being said, there’s also the possibility that the company may have simply messed up somewhere when designating the PS5 trophy list for MWIII.

Regardless of the actual cause, the reputational damage has already been done. Some fans have already stated they’d be skipping this installment in the Call of Duty franchise purely because of the lack of a Platinum trophy. All of this adds to the growing concerns about the upcoming game’s cosmetics, that many have raised. For example, recently CoD fans criticized a leaked operator bundle that will be included in MWIII.

However, the game will still likely have a large player base at launch. It is one of the most anticipated titles of this year and a remake of a popular CoD game, and many have already pre-ordered it. However, the devs still have to make sure not to mess up like this more, as it will hurt MWIII’s popularity in the long run.

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