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Published: November 14, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Players recently discovered a new exploit with the sentry gun in Zombies
  • This allowed them to gain XP very quickly
  • The devs responded by temporarily removing the sentry gun from Zombies

A new exploit in MWIII’s Zombies mode allows players to duplicate sentry guns, farming a lot of XP in the process, but fans have been complaining about it, saying how broken and laggy it is.

Devs Remove Sentry

Although it is not uncommon for newly released games to have problems on launch, it’s still frustrating to see this happening to triple-A titles. Unfortunately, Call of Duty isn’t spared from this trend as the newest iteration of the franchise, Modern Warfare III, which was released on November 10, seems to be suffering from a number of issues.

Players have already been complaining about the game’s problems, which have included things like criticizing MWIII’s short and rushed campaign, to various glitches. One of these glitches, however, turns out to be an exploit that players can use. Despite that, many think it is OP, which resulted in the devs removing the sentry gun from the Zombies mode a few hours after the bug was discovered.

Zombies has been a popular mode that has existed since the first CoD titles. In MWIII players have discovered that it can be used to quickly unlock new weapons and essentially bypass the otherwise somewhat cumbersome Armory Challenges, that are usually used to get new gear.

However, this mode can also be used to quickly gain XP by exploiting the sentry gun. After racking up 2,000 points in the game mode, players would purchase a sentry gun from a buy station and then continue to duplicate them. To activate the exploit, a player must simply hold out the sentry gun as if to place it down. Then, they will drop the streak from their inventory during the animation, which results in the player having two sentry guns instead of one. This process can be repeated essentially indefinitely, allowing players to collect and place a large number of sentry guns around the Zombies map.

Needless to say, many players used this bug quite a lot, but perhaps just as many were frustrated by how broken it is. Furthermore, the more sentry guns that appeared throughout the map, the slower the servers would become, which has resulted in performance issues and even some players being dropped from game lobbies.

All of this resulted in the devs takeing out the sentry gun from the Zombies mode alltoger\ther and there is currently no information when it will be brought back. In the meantime, fans will have to deal with the otherwise quite helpful tool when playing.

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