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Published: August 31, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Data miners uncover which new licensed operators will be introduced in Season 6
  • They will be carried over to Modern Warfare III when the game is released
  • It should be noted that nothing is yet made official, so take the leaks with a grain of salt

A varied cast comprised of Skeletor, Spawn, Ash Williams, and Alucard will be arriving in MWII’s next season, according to a recent leak.

Who Are the New Licensed Operators?

Modern Warfare II and Warzone are both quite famous for their slew of cosmetic items, which often include licensed operator bundles. For example, Season 4 Reloaded saw the Boys’ Homelander, Black Noir, and Starlight available for purchase from the store, and Season 5 expanded that with the likes of Nicki Minaj, Snoop Dogg, and 21 Savage.

With the announcement of CoD: Modern Warfare III, interest in these packs dropped slightly, as many fans feared that it would be pointless to buy operator bundles, only for them to be unusable when the new game drops. However, interest peaked again once Activision said that cosmetic items purchased now would be carried over to MWIII.

There’s still time before the come comes out, but we already have a sneak peek of what cosmetics will be released until then. Thanks to MWII data mining, CharlieIntel reported that Skeletor, Spawn, Ash Williams, and Alucard will be available in the game soon.

Like many other operator bundle releases, this one is also kind of a mixed bag in terms of theming. On the one hand, you have Spawn who would fit in perfectly with the rest of the Call of Duty operators. He started as a decorated officer in the US Marine Corps and served as an assassin for the CIA before getting his superpowers and becoming a Hellspawn. He has become famous thanks to the iconic HBO animated series, but it is still unclear how his chains and spike would translate to Warzone. Implementing this in the game would mean adding a whole new mechanic specifically for the operator.

On the other hand, you have Skeletor, the antagonist of the cult classic 80’s animated show Masters of the Universe. It seems somewhat strange that the fantasy villain, turned modern meme, is added to the game, but it’s likely that last part that made Activision take the decision. After all, jokes sell.

Meanwhile, Alucard, the main protagonist of the Hellsing manga and anime series, will also likely fit decently well in Modern Warfare. The vampire, who ironically hunts other vampires, does so using a pair of giant handguns. It shouldn’t be too hard to implement his akimbo arms in the game.

Last, but not least, we have Ash Williams, the protagonist of the Evil Dead Series. Williams fights evil creatures possessed by a demon using a variety of weapons, so he should have a vast catalog to choose from. It should be noted that CharlieIntel said that it’s not certain if the operator will be based on Brice Campbell, the actor who plays the character, or somebody else.

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