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Published: August 11, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • MWII’s competitive season might start as early as November, rather than the usual January
  • This would mean it would coincide with the release of the game
  • Activision has not said anything officially about MWII’s ranked season yet

The competitive season of Modern Warfare II might come sooner than most fans anticipated if a prominent community leaker’s sources are true.

A MWII Season Start in November?

The release of the remake of the most popular Call of Duty game is fast approaching and with Activision recently announcing the dates for the Modern Warfare II open beta, players are wondering when the full game and its first competitive season would begin. Well, according to popular CoD leaker TheGhostOfHope, this would come as early as November or December.

According to his sources, the 2023 Call of Duty League season might start up to two months earlier than usual, roughly coinciding with the release of Modern Warfare II. This would have an impact on the whole CDL, moving it sooner by up to two months. Up until now, the CDL’s start was always in January with opening tournaments that are typically outside of the regular season.

“For CDL peeps that follow me I’ve been hearing from a source that they’re planning to start the MWII season in November/December rather than the usual late January start,” TheGhostOfHope wrote on Twitter, giving examples of how previous CoD titles started their seasons.

Why Would Activision Make Such a Decision?

Activision has been releasing CoD games almost every year since the start of the franchise almost 20 years ago. A lot of these games have had a competitive season, usually starting at least two to three months after the title’s release. With new games being released in October or November and ranked play starting in January, this gave ample time for players to learn the game’s mechanics, maps, and weapons before the start of ranked play.

If TheGhostOfHope’s sources are correct, the start of the season for MWII will coincide with the release of the game. Such a move is unorthodox and will not give time for new players to get familiarized with MWII.

However, considering this is a remake of CoD’s most popular game, perhaps Activision is counting on the fact that many players already understand Modern Warfare and will quickly get acclimatized to it. Perhaps Activision hopes that the quick release of competitive multiplayer will help the hype surrounding the game by making a sense of urgency to quickly get good at the game.

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