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Published: September 7, 2021

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Call of Duty: Warzone content creator JGOD expressed his concerns regarding the upcoming anti-cheat
  • In short, he believes that it will be just another obstacle that cheaters will eventually overcome
  • JGOD expressed that hardware bans are currently the only proven solution

Warzone YouTuber JGOD is taking the anti-cheat hype with a grain of salt.

The Anti-Cheat – Just Another Obstacle in the Hackers’ Way

The massive cheating issue in Call of Duty: Warzone has been one of the hot topics in esports for quite a while. With massive ban waves and hardware bans, Raven Software and Activision Blizzard have done everything they can to keep the game healthy until the arrival of an official built-in anti-cheat system. However, JGOD, a prominent Warzone content creator, is skeptical about the anti-cheat.

To be precise, JGOD believes that it isn’t going to be the magical solution that many hope it to be. If else, the content creator fears that the arrival of Call of Duty: Vanguard may actually complicate things further. In a YouTube video from September 4, JGOD shared his thoughts about the whole topic of cheating.

The YouTuber revealed that cheating follows an evolution of its own. As time has passed, cheaters have devised more creative ways to gain in-game advantage and minimize the chance of getting detected.

JGOD pointed out that in the same way the efforts of the developers to restrain cheating have increased, so have cheaters’ own efforts.

“These weren’t day one cheats in Warzone. People have been out there developing it,” he emphasized.

JGOD believes that the anti-cheat is just another obstacle in the cheaters’ way that they are eventually going to overcome and become even better at what they do.

“So, my concern is that when this integration happens and Warzone gets implemented with this new anti-cheat and map, what cheats are going to be developed that they didn’t account for?” he pondered.

That’s why the content creator himself isn’t as hyped about the anti-cheat engine as others are. He did mention that anti-cheat will probably weed out low-effort cheaters but probably won’t affect veteran hackers as much. JGOD is sure that those who are keen on cheating will always find a way. That’s why the YouTuber shared that he doesn’t have much faith in the Vanguard integration.

“Like, I’m hoping for the best but expecting the worst,” JGOD clarified.

He concluded that for now hardware bans have yielded some results and are a thing that developers should stick to.

The Pervasive Cheating Problem in Warzone

Even with Raven Software and Activision Blizzard’s best intentions, Warzone is continuing to experience massive cheating issues. As the game is played by a lot of people and the battle royale mode consists of over a hundred players in the same “room”, encountering a cheater is a common occurrence.

Cheaters vary in nature. Some are going all-in and are walking around with god mode on, being invincible to bullets and striking down everyone else. Others are way more subtle and use aiming help or use cheats that make the walls transparent in order to gain a valuable Intel advantage.

Although JGOD is right that people shouldn’t over-rely on an instant solution, fans can hope that the developers have taken concerns such as his into account and will try to make the anti-cheat as effective as possible.

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