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Published: December 20, 2021

Written by: David Kent

  • JGOD has spoken about the current problems in Warzone’s new season
  • Some of the issues have included performance hurdles, FPS issues and audio problems
  • The YouTuber fears that people will start leaving the game

JGOD is concerned about the future of Call of Duty: Warzone because of the numerous bugs the game currently has.

JGOD Explains What Warzone’s Problems Are

James “JGOD”, a popular Call of Duty-focused content creator, has released a new video where he showcased the Warzone Pacific update and spoke about some of its game-breaking problems. While he isn’t the first content creator who is displeased with the new content, the YouTuber explained that if they aren’t fixed, people might start leaving the game en masse.

JGOD explained that PC players won’t experience the same drawbacks as console players. Despite being a PC player himself, the content creator wanted to show solidarity to the console part of the community by mentioning the FOV issue of console players first. The main woe of PlayStation and Xbox Warzone players has been performance hurdles caused by the lack of an adequate field of view slider.

Furthermore, players as a whole have had to deal with the broken ambient sounds of Caldera that prevent combatants from hearing their enemies’ footsteps. To top it all up, camouflage has not been working as intended, despite it being fixed in Vanguard, the new COD title.

While JGOD acknowledges that it might not be possible to fix those issues instantly, he wants the developers to at least maintain transparency and be upfront about it.

“They should have addressed us and said ‘You know what, sorry, we can’t do it for last gen, our plans are to get it for next-gen.’ It’s not that hard to just say that. Obviously, you will piss people off but then it will be like ‘Thanks for being honest,’ not holding the carrot on the edge of a stick,” JGOD explained.

JGOD Fears a Warzone Exodus

JGOD’s concerns go beyond believing some people’s experiences might be worsened if the issues persist. He thinks that a repeated failure to address the problems might cause players to leave Warzone.

Currently, the issues that ruin fans’ experience have been piling up for a while and player disgruntlement has been rising. Warzone players have had to deal with game-breaking issues for years, the main one being the rampant hackers. Over the last year, casual gamers and gaming celebrities alike have been leaving the battle royale title.

Moreover, Call of Duty currently has a tough competitor in the face of Halo Infinite. While it’s unlikely that Warzone will become barren, JGOD’s concerns that players might start leaving the game aren’t baseless either.

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