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Published: October 5, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Popular members of the CoD community embrace the MWIII beta
  • The beta launches for PS4/5 on October 6 for fans who have preordered it
  • It will include four classic maps – Estate, Favela, Skidrow, and Rust

Many professional Call of Duty players and streamers are jumping on the hype train surrounding Modern Warfare III, whose beta will start tomorrow, October 6.

The Hype Grows

Just a few days separate us from the release of the CoD: MWIII beta, so fans’ hype is already quite high. Riding on this wave, Activision released the MWIII open beta trailer yesterday, generating even more excitement for the upcoming title. The remake of the original 2011 game is one of the most anticipated games this year and following the release of the trailer, much of the professional CoD community also shared their excitement on social media.

FaZe Clan’s members, Santana and Swagg chimed in on the hype, with the former urging fans to come and see what the CoD pro has been talking about, as he has been hyping them for the release of MWIII for a while. His words reflect the community’s wishes to see an installment that brings back the essence of the franchise. Meanwhile, his colleague, FaZe Swagg expressed his excitement in a much more eloquent way, posting a short “We are f*cking back,” on Twitter on October 4.

Another prominent figure in the CoD community is OpTic Shotzzy, who also invited fans to the game when the beta drops, suggesting he’s ready to dive right into it. His colleague OpTic Methodz, who earlier this year announced he’s retiring from competitive CoD, also made an intriguing post about the beta. “I might’ve hung it up too soon,” he wrote on Twitter, followed by fans speculating if the arrival of MWIII would pull the player back to the competitive scene.

The Hype should not surprise anyone, considering MWIII is a remake of the original 2011 title, which saw huge success globally. The official release of the game is on November 10, but early access for PlayStation players, who have preordered the game begins on October 6. Click here to see how to play the Modern Warfare III beta on PS4 and PS5.

Early players will get to duke it out on four classic maps, three of which (Favela, Estate, and Skidrow) will be available from the first day of the beta. The fourth one, Rust, will be included in the game on October 8. However, keep in mind that beta progress does not carry over to the full launch of the game.

It’s still early to definitively say if MWIII is going to be a huge success, but considering many prominent members of the community are embracing it, chances are that great things await the game.

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