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Published: January 27, 2023

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Warzone 2’s second season will release on February 15
  • The developers outlined in detail what’s coming to the game
  • It’s possible there would be more changes added before Season 2 starts in three weeks

In a recent community blog post, Infinity Ward and Raven Software outlined the ton of often community-driven changes coming to Warzone 2’s second season.

A Lot Is Coming

Warzone 2 has had a bumpy ride since its release last autumn, with both players and popular content creators blasting the game’s many issues, like its rumored “skill-based hit registration”. But Raven Software and Infinity Ward hope to appease the disgruntled fans with a ton of content coming to the game’s Season 2. 

Originally scheduled to launch on February 1, but delayed to February 15, Warzone’s second season promises to bring a big overhaul to the game. The official Call of Duty Twitter account has been teasing some of these updates over the past week or so, but the biggest update many fans have been waiting for came in the shape of a new community blog post outlining the changes in detail. 

Although the blog post outlined in detail what’s coming, it’s highly possible that there could be more things added to that list. This could even be the reason, or at least one of the reasons, why the developers decided to postpone Season 2’s release until February 15. 

An Overview of What’s Coming

  • The Gulag – 1v1 Gulag will be returning with the launch of Season 02, allowing layers to see the return of the original Warzone overtime mechanic – the Domination-style flag control point – in place of the Jailer.
  • Backpack changes – no more medium and large backpacks, all players have the same backpack from the start.
  • “Vomit looting” – players will be able to pick items up off of the ground rather than going through the loot menu window. This was a heavily requested feature by many players, with streamers like Dr Disrespect speaking strongly against the current system
  • Perks – perk packages will be customizable for each loadout. However, there will be fewer perks to choose from at the start of Season 2.
  • Armor plates – every player starts out with a 3-plate vest, removing that item from the loot pool. Additionally, players will be able to apply armor plates and go through a closed door at the same time, although this can’t be done while sprinting. 
  • Loadout events – there will be two loadout events in each match – one in the first circle and one in the fifth.
  • Audio occlusion – it’s been fixed to  give players a better idea of where their enemies are coming from
  • Buy Stations – they will now spawn on more locations. Additionally, primary weapons in Buy Stations are now cheaper.
  • Cash – contracts will give less of it, but the minimum amount of Cash a player can find on the ground is now $800 and the minimum from cash registers is now $500 (previously $100).

The developers promise a ton of changes coming in just three weeks, and with most of them being requests made by the community, Warzone 2 may finally receive the reception that Infinity Ward and Raven Software wanted.

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